Economics for Executives

Our faculty have prepared courses in Finance and Macroeconomics, in a general format, for executive programs.

The course content can be tweaked to meet the specific requirements of your firm.

Faculty are available to discuss these requirements with prospective stakeholders from your firm.

Like the course content, we are flexible on the timings/scheduling.

We are currently teaching an executive course in Macroeconomics to senior managers (Chief General Managers and General Managers) of EXIM Bank. The format of the course is as follows:

  • 45 hours of classroom lectures, spread over 3 months, four times a week, two hours a day, in the evenings, 6:15-7:45pm. 
  • 21 senior managers (Chief General Managers and General Managers) are taking the course. 
  • Three course components: 15 hours of “Measurements” (how macroeconomic aggregates are measured and reported, what those measurements mean and/or miss), 15 hours of “Theory” (the relationships between macroeconomic aggregates, how policy is supposed to work, how things can sometimes go wrong), and 15 hours of “Current debates” (the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, the Euro Crisis, the Japanese and Chinese economies, Fiscal and Monetary Policy Issues in India). 
  • Classroom lectures are interactive. There is pre-reading for each class. The course uses a combination of textbook chapters and typed out lecture notes created by the instructor. 
  • Participants solve Problem Sets that are distributed every other week. Problem Sets allow the participants to test their learning, and are graded and returned to the participants with comments by the instructor.

Once this course is over, we will be posting some testimonials in April/May 2017, so do check this website from time to time for updates.

For more information about our offerings, please write to or call 022 60126001.

Tentative Course Dates: 22nd May to 28th June

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