What courses does the Academy offer?
The Academy is offering an one year Post Graduate Diploma in Economics and Finance, offered jointly with the Department of Economics (Autonomous), Mumbai University.
What is the objective of the Academy?

The objective of the Academy is to train students to be real world economists by equipping them with tools which prepare them for jobs and expose them to leading corporates.

Why economics and finance?

The study of economics sits at the heart of a modern society and a rapidly globalizing India. Post-graduate training is becoming more important as a globalized workplace seeks deeper training and tools to handle increasingly complex problems. Moreover, the curriculum and teaching has to be dynamic to adapt to the changing needs of the economy. Links with the real world are essential to understand, analyze, and interpret trends in an economy. In India, however, there is a dearth of post-graduate programs which marry strong conceptual training with a focus on applied skills which are dynamic in nature, and provide the necessary tools and techniques through close interaction with participants in the economy.

How is the Academy different from others?
  1. Course curriculum – combines strong theoretical training with a focus on applied skills which are dynamic in nature.
  2. Live Projects – through our linkages with corporates.
  3. Renowned academics and high profile corporates led by Lord Desai.
Who has designed the course curriculum?

The course has been designed by renowned experts from the field of economics under the supervision of Lord Meghnad Desai, with inputs from corporates.

What skills does the course teach the students?
  • Provide deeper post-graduate theoretical training in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Econometrics.
  • Enable students to specialize in areas related to Corporate Finance, industry and strategy, money and banking, international trade and public policy.
  • Develop research capabilities, quantitative tools and software skills for applied work.
  • Provide training in aspects of data analysis and business intelligence for careers in business
What career opportunities will students have after the course?

Students will be able to find employment as

  • Market Economists – Commercial and Investment Banks
  • Analysts – Treasury, Rating Agencies, Banks, consultancies
  • Data Scientists for Big Data
  • Research – think tanks
  • Economic Journalists
  • Finance related roles
What will be the class size/student faculty ratio?

25 to 30 students per teacher.

What kind of placement assistance will the Academy offer?

The Academy has deep corporate linkages, with senior management from firms such as EY, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Aditya Birla Group, and The Mint on its Academic and Advisory Boards. In addition, the Academy is tying up with large employers in the financial sector and beyond, to visit the campus for placements. Further, the Academy aims to provide internships to its students.

Who is the Chairman of the Academy?

The Academy’s Chairman is renowned academic Lord Meghnad Desai, who has 38 years of teaching experience at the London School of Economics, is a lifetime peer at the British House of Lords, and a recipient of the Padma Bhushan.

Is this is a full time program?

Yes, students attend lectures give days a week from 10 AM to 5 PM. Occasionally, sessions are also held on weekends.

Will scholarships be made available?

Merit based scholarships will be offered to select students. A total of five scholarships are offered by the Academy. Details are as follows:

  1. Chanakya Scholarship  – Two scholarships are being offered, covering 50% of the course fees.
  2. Adam Smith Scholarship – Four scholarships are being offered, covering 33% of the course fees.
  3. Need-based Scholarships – In addition, two need-based scholarships have been incorporated.
  4. Bursaries – Two bursaries will be awarded to meritorious students.
  5. Student loans 100% funding for the course plus the additional cost of living will be provided by Credila, an HDFC Ltd Company – India’s 1st Education Loan specialist.
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