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Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics

Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics (MDAE) situated in Mumbai, is one of the best schools of Economics in India. MDAE was founded by some of the leading economists of India in 2015. Our Post Graduate Diploma programs are jointly offered with Gokhale Institute of Politics & Economics (GIPE) Pune. MDAE has been established as an institution of excellence to provide graduate students with the academic rigour and applied skills to meet the needs of a dynamic and globalized workplace. In our program, we train you to expand your knowledge and advance your career. We constantly evolve and develop our program based on market-oriented learning outcomes. At Meghnad Desai Academy, we strive to build a solid foundation based on our 4 principals Rigour – Agility – Access – Integrity

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Rigorous Training

MDAE provides one year rigorous training in thoughts, in actions and in outcomes.

Access to leading professionals

Get mentored by top professionals to guide you through our Mentorship Program. Mentors include the M.D. of J.P. Morgan and Deutsche Bank.

Prepare for the Future

Skills for a dynamic workplace and rapidly changing careers. Training for new age careers in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. We focus on quantitative and programming skills such as R Programming, Python and SQL.

Practical Experience

Internships with leading corporates, banks, consultancies. Deepen concepts through Econ Labs and Speaker Series where a prominent professional economist delivers a talk on a concrete real-world problem.


Santanu Sengupta

Head – Treasury Economics and Strategy, RIL

We have had a very good experience with a student from MDAE who has been working with us over the past three years. Practical exposure is what differentiates MDAE students, and we observed that she was able to close the gap between academia, and real-life faster than fresh graduates from other renowned institutes. MDAE is doing a stellar job in preparing candidates for the job market.

Mr DK Joshi

(Chief Economist Crisil Ltd)

“With sound training in economic concepts, practical experience and exposure to real-world issues. MDAE students appeared well prepared for the job market.”

Dr. Reuben Abraham

(CEO & Senior fellow at IDFC Institute)

"We had an excellent experience working with a student from the MDAE. Unlike most, he had an extraordinary curiosity and a willingness to learn and place textbook economics in their historical and political context, which itself involved digging into 500 years of political history. Based on this experience of working with him, we have made him an offer to join us full-time once he graduates from MDAE"

Gargi Kamath

Alumni MDAE

The educational curriculum at MDAE, which focused on theoretical foundations and its relevance in understanding a series of economic phenomena helped me gain a grounding for the research interests. The opportunity to intern at a data analysis firm, and the guidance which I have received regarding presenting oneself as a prospective employee are some of the valuable experiences MDAE has offered me.

Aditi Satpute

Student MDAE

Studying at MDAE has added value to my life. One of the most important thing that I learnt at MDAE is how to think analytically. The course structure here is very rigorous and it helped me learn about real world economics and not just theoretical knowledge. Professors here are very helpful and they make sure that you understand each and every concept.

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