Alumni of Year – 2023

Achintya Kolipakkam
PGD Economics
BA Economics
  • Hobbies – A melophile, Achintya is professionally trained in tabla. She also loves reading books and plays decent badminton.
  • Fields of interest – Public policy, Social work, Research, Activism, NGOs.
  • Post MDAE Plans – Currently keen on public policy, Achintya wishes to explore the field and also pursue a specialization, in the same, abroad. She believes her work should be driven by a strong sense of purpose and is still in the pursuit of the same.
Aditi Dipak Dahake
PGD Economics
B.Sc. (Hons.) Economics and Management
  • Hobbies – A mandala hobbyist, She has a keen interest in home decor and design. She expresses her love for photography through her blog on Instagram and is also a travel enthusiast.
  • Fields of interest – International Relations, Circular Economics, and Public Policy Consulting.
  • Post MDAE plans – Aditi aspires to gain work experience in consultancy or with think tanks. She then wishes to pursue further education to enhance her understanding of theory. She sees herself working in the public policy domain in the long run.
Aditya Deorukhkar
PGD Data Science & Finance
BA Economics (Honors)
  • Hobbies – Aditya enjoys reading economic reports, decoding spurious analys, discussing works of Nicholas Taleb and likes competing in triathlons.
  • Fields of interest – Financial Markets, Equity Research, Econometric Modelling, and Consulting
  • Post MDAE plans – Aditya looks forward to taking on jobs in the Finance and Analytics domain that will allow him to leverage his quantitative and qualitative skills. Aditya’s long-term aspirations include learning new languages and pursuing a PhD in Finance or Economics later in life.
Akshaj Munje
PGD Data Science & Finance
BBA - Accounts and Finance and Intl. Business
  • Hobbies – Akshaj loves trekking, cars, photography and has a strong inclination towards business
  • Fields of Interest – Private Equity, Investment banking, portfolio management
  • Post MDAE plans – Akshaj wants to build a career in the field of Finance and data science, learn, grow and then eventually incorporate this knowledge in his own business.
Amulya James
PGD Data Science & Finance
B.A. (Honours) Economics
  • Hobbies – Amulya is extremely fond of photography, travelling, and documenting her experiences; Amulya writes, both poetry and prose and has two published works.
  • Field of Interest- Photography, Data analytics, Development Economics
  • Post MDAE plans – Amulya plans to pursue her masters soon- either immediately after MDAE or after gathering some work experience.
Ananya Jogalekar
PGD Economics
BA in Economics
  • Hobbies – Ananyas’s interests lie in learning languages, creative writing, painting & mandala, English literature, music and trekking.
  • Fields of interest – Digital humanities and Content Analysis, Computational Social Science, Linguistics & Natural language Processing, Corporate Research.
  • Post MDAE plans – Ananya plans on pursuing multidisciplinary academic research based on data analytics, or corporate experience in digital content analytics for a couple of years, followed by a master’s in humanities.
Anushka Vora
PGD Economics
BA Economics
  • Hobbies – She loves exploring new places, cultures, she loves reading and cooking. She’s fluent in French and spent the last year teaching at a French public school and travelling the country.
  • Field of Interest – Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Data Science
  • Post MDAE plans – Anushka wishes to gain some work experience and then apply for a Master’s programme abroad that would eventually help her find work opportunities that could integrate both, her knowledge of Economics and Data with French.
Avantika Mishra
PGD Data Science & Finance
Bachelors in Mass Media and Communication
  • Hobbies – Avantika enjoys learning and exploring new things and enjoys playing the piano, baking, painting, writing and researching.
  • Fields of Interest – Data analytics, Pharmaceuticals, Startups
  • Post MDAE plans – Avantika plans on pursuing a masters after MDAE and would like to branch out and start her own ventures in the future which would be aimed at incorporating data strategies towards sustainable development.
Diva Kapoor
PGD Data Science & Finance
  • Hobbies – Diva likes to read and paint in her downtime. A fitness buff, she loves participating in marathons.
  • Fields of interest – Fintech, Programming, Statistics.
  • Post MDAE plans – Diva wishes to first get hands-on experience in the industry and then decide her field of interest for a master’s program. Post her master’s, she doesn’t wish to stop studying. Her goal is to establish herself in the field and eventually pursue a phd.
Drumil Shah
PGD Economics
BBA Finance
  • Hobbies – Drumil derives joy from hiking, and consuming narratives in any format (Movie, amine, book, or videogames).
  • Fields of interest- Environmental science, finance, Economics
  • Post MDAE plans – Drumil aims at deepening his understanding in preferred fields academically and then professionally. He would like to work in the field of CSR, Policy, or Journalism.
Gagandeep Singh
PGD Data Science & Finance
BBA - Bachelors in Business Administration
  • Hobbies – Gagandeep considers himself a car fanatic and a serious automobile enthusiast. He loves Go-karting. He also is a recreational drone pilot who has an aesthetic for photography and videography.
  • Fields of interest – Business Analytics, Product Management, Product Development.
  • Post MDAE plans – After his time at the academy Gagandeep is inclined towards pursuing a Masters in the Business Analytics field. His long-term goal is to become a Product Manager/Developer to display his intrapreneurship abilities at a company and then set up his own vertical from ground up.
Gaurav Chavan
PGD Data Science & Finance
Bachelor of Banking & Insurance
  • Hobbies – Gaurav enjoys working out in the gym and reading non-fiction books.
  • Fields of interest – FinTech, Valuation, Equity research.
  • Post MDAE Plans – Gaurav intends to work after completing his PGD in Data science and Finance. His long term goal is to travel and explore the world.
Gaurav Jakkenahalli
PGD Data Science & Finance
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Hobbies – An avid hiker, Gaurav undertook a solo trek to the Goecha La Pass base camp, he also has a blog.
  • Fields of interest – Data science in Macro Economy and Public Policy and application of Data science in wildlife conservation.
  • Post MDAE plans – Gaurav plans to continue on the learning curve, either with a Masters Degree or with an organisation which offers a rich growth profile. He wishes to establish home-schooling organisations across mountainous regions of the nation.
Guruksha Gurnani
PGD Data Science & Finance
BA Economics
  • Hobbies – Writing while listening to music keeps Guruksha occupied in her spare time. She is a movie nerd and a math geek.
  • Fields of interest – Mathematics and data science.
  • Post MDAE plans – Guruksha wants to pursue masters in data science. After her masters, her goal is to explore various niches that data scientist as a role can offer.
Jainam Gada
PGD Data Science & Finance
  • Hobbies – Playing Chess, Watching Sci-fi shows
  • Fields of interest – Learning to code, Statistics
  • Post MDAE plans – Jainam wants to pursue higher education. He would like to contribute to the fields of Statistics.
Julia Raphael
PGD Economics
BA Economics
  • Hobbies – She is an avid reader and has always had an inclination towards public speaking. Additionally, she also indulges herself in baking in her free time.
  • Fields of interest – Global Political Economy, Macroeconomics, Data Analytics
  • Post MDAE plans – Post the PGP in Economics at MDAE, she would like to get work experience in the economics field so as to have a fair idea of what specialization to choose from when she goes ahead to pursue her master’s degree in a few years down the line.
Kashvi Shah
PGD Data Science & Finance
Bachelor of Science in Finance
  • Hobbies – Kashvi’s hobbies are reading and singing. In her free time, she tries to learn coding and takes up various projects in it.
  • Fields of interest – Stock Market, Data Analysis, Investment Banking, FinTech, Venture Capital
  • Post MDAE plans – Kashvi plans are to go for her Master’s in Business Analytics, Computational Finance or Quant Finance to hone her skills and apply what she learns in the real world and make a contribution. Her long-term aspirations are also to be an active part of a fintech or data science domain.
Kimaya Sonawane
PGD Data Science & Finance
B. Tech Biotechnology
  • Hobbies – Kimaya’s interests lie in Public health, Nutrition and Business and her hobbies include strength training and listening to Podcasts on various topics.
  • Fields of interest – Clinical Research Data Analysis, Business Intelligence Analysis, Biostatistics.
  • Post MDAE plans – Post MDAE, Kimaya plans on working for a few years. Her goal is to contribute in making precision medicine cheaper and more accessible for people because of her strong belief in bio-individuality.


Gourav Kumar
PGD Data Science & Finance
B. Com.
  • Hobbies – Gourav is interested in Indian Mythology, Sports, Travelling, and semi classical Indian music like Thumri, Ghazal, Qawwali etc.
  • Fields of interest – Technology,  Finance, Data science
  • Post MDAE plans – Gourav plans on getting hands on experience and see how things work in the real world.
Malaika Irwin
PGD Data Science & Finance
  • Hobbies – Malaika is passionate about public speaking and teaching. She crochets in her free time and is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer, she loves exploring various dance forms.
  • Fields of interest – Finance, Programming and Fintech.
  • Post MDAE plans – Malaika aims to gain practical experience in the industry and then pursue a Master’s program abroad. She aspires to travel the world and experience different cultures while furthering her interests in the field of finance and programming.
Manasi Pendse
PGD Data Science & Finance
BA Economics, MA Economics
  • Hobbies – watching movies, reading and drawing.
  • Fields of Interest – Data Analytics, Macroeconomics, International/Political Economy
  • Post MDAE plans – After the MDAE course, Manasi hopes to gain some professional experience and work for a firm where she can apply and enhance all the skills she has learned so far, eventually merging her love for foreign languages and knowledge of economics.
Mihika Joshi
PGD Economics
Bachelor of Arts in Economics
  • Hobbies – Mihika loves travelling, reading books and writing. She also loves exploring new cuisines & restaurants in and around the city and creating content around it. 
  • Fields of interest – Business/Financial writing, stock market and securities, Public Policy Consulting.
  • Post MDAE plans – Mihika plans to work for a few years in the field of public policy, finance or financial writing. And post that, she may apply for masters. Her goal is to explore various opportunities available to her and make a living out of something she is really passionate about.
Mrugank Belsare
PGD Economics
B.Sc. Economics
  • Hobbies – Mrugank is a geography and history buff. He loves to debate on political and current affairs. He is also an avid fitness enthusiast
  • Fields of interest – Corporate Finance, International Relations, Public Finance and Econometrics
  • Post MDAE plans – After his time at the academy, Mrugank foresees himself working in the BFSI sector. He then wishes to apply the knowledge gained from study of economics and working in the allied sectors in the political world.


Nishit Sonawane
PGD Data Science & Finance
  • Hobbies – Nishit is an avid Photographer. He also loves trekking and occasionally paints as well.
  • Fields of interest – Business Analytics, Photography
  • Post MDAE plans – Nishit plans on pursuing a Master’s in Business Analytics in USA. He envisions himself working for Canon, any other top camera brands or trekking equipment companies 


Param Shah
PGD Data Science & Finance
BBA (Finance) - Bachelor of Business Administration (Specialisation - Finance)
  • Hobbies – Param loves solving Sudoku puzzles. He loves playing Cricket and is a competitive chess player.
  • Fields of interest – Data Science/Analytics, Mathematics, Finance
  • Post MDAE plans – Param intends to take up a job either in one of the Big 4 companies or one of the Top 50 analytics firms. Param hopes to pursue a master’s degree after some years of work experience
Piyush Surve
PGD Economics
Bachelors of Business Administration- Finance and CMT LEVEL 1 (USA)
  • Hobbies – Piyush is fond of Snooker as well as football and loves exploring new places.
  • Fields of interest – Financial Economics, Econometrics, Data Analysis and Stock Markets
  • Post MDAE plans – Post MDAE Piyush would opt to leverage his Technical skills with macro analysis and explore more in the field of research as well as consultancy. He aspires to have direct end to end expertise in the field of Fund management as well as Asset Management.
Pranil Chaudhary
PGD Economics
B.Sc. Mathematics
  • Hobbies – Pranil likes trekking and travelling. He is also actively involved with various NGOs and Charitable trusts. He has a keen interest in socio political affairs.
  • Fields of interest – Business Analysis, Economics Research, Data Science, Public Policy.
  • Post MDAE plans – After his time here Pranil is looking forward for opportunities in Business/Econometric Analysis and policy research. He also wants to widen his knowledge, skills and technical competencies in order to achieve horizontal proficiency
Rutvij Deshpande
PGD Economics
Bachelor of Commerce
  • Hobbies – A huge football fan. Represented and captained his college football team at the university level. Likes to keep up with the stock market as well.
  • Fields of interest – Finance and FinTech
  • Post MDAE plans – Rutvij plans to gain work experience for 2-3 years and pursue his masters in the UK. He would like to establish a strong foothold in the corporate world. Aspire to pursue a career in the field he is passionate about.
Sakshi Kulkarni
PGD Economics
Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance)
  • Hobbies – Sakshi enjoys reading, exploring different forms of art and trekking.
  • Fields of interest – Economic analysis, consulting, public policy.
  • Post MDAE plans – Sakshi wants to work to further understand and explore the industry where her analysis and insights will be used to solve problems. She aims to apply her learnings to create value and upgrade her skills in accordance with progression of technology and trends in the future.
Sarang Joglekar
PGD Economics
B.Sc. Economics
  • Hobbies – Sarang enjoys reading books and articles on topics such as history, politics and psychology.
  • Fields of interest – Finance, Monetary and Fiscal policy, Econometrics
  • Post MDAE plans – Sarang envisions himself working in the field of financial economics for a few years before completing his Master’s degree. Sarang also wishes to contribute to the economic policymaking in India.
Satwiki Deshmukh
PGD Economics
BA Economics
  • Hobbies – Satwiki is an avid reader. She also actively takes part in debates regarding politics and current affairs.
  • Fields of interest – Public policy, Developmental Economics, Gender Economics
  • Post MDAE plans – Satwiki is inclined to work in the Public Policy Domain and she later plans to pursue a Master’s in Public Policy. Her long-term goal is to work in an organisation that is solution-oriented toward socio-economic issues, and eventually, she wants to contribute to academia.
Sayali Kolhe
PGD Economics
BA Economics Hons.
  • Hobbies – Sayali is fond of travelling & sightseeing. She also enjoys singing & reading books.
  • Fields of interest – Data Analysis, Consultancy
  • Post MDAE plans – After MDAE, Sayali wants to work as an analyst at a firm. Her goal is to develop her interpersonal and critical thinking skills as well as become an expert in Analytics.


Shashwat Sankhe
PGD Data Science & Finance
  • Hobbies – Shashwat believes in being optimistic and has a positive outlook on life. He is also a history, mythology, and travel buff with a penchant for sports.
  • Fields of interest: Data analytics, Finance, Data visualisation, stocks
  • Post MDAE plans – Shashwat is planning to go abroad to pursue his master’s. He wants to start his own business.
Shivam Nayak
PGD Data Science & Finance
BA - Economics
  • Hobbies – Shivam likes to keep a track of policy decisions and national trends. He is also passionate about deep understanding of cricket statistics, strategies and analysis of sports news
  • Fields of interest – Econometrics, Data Visualisation, Behavioural Science
  • Post MDAE plans – Shivam eagerly awaits to gain some work experience in the industry; he eventually plans to pursue higher studies in an area of his interest. He wants to gain expertise in data science to make sports-related decisions
Shraddhesh Kenkre
PGD Economics
BA Economics
  • Hobbies – Shraddhesh is an enthusiastic reader, He also loves travelling and exploring other Indian cities. He also enjoys playing and watching football and has a keen interest in Python programming
  • Fields of interest – Financial Economics, Equity and Debt Markets, Econometrics and Data Science
  • Post MDAE plans – Shraddhesh envisions himself working in consulting while pursuing a CFA. He also wishes to write a book about his travel adventures with a mix of Modern Indian economics.
Shrawani Abhyankar
PGD Data Science & Finance
BA Economics, MA Economics
  • Hobbies – Classical music (vocal), Mandala Art, Cricket
  • Fields of Interest – Statistics, Economterics
  • Post MDAE plans – Shrawani would like to work in fields related to mathematics and statistics, applying a few of those concepts to study the trend of neurological disorders after collecting data.
Shriya Shah
PGD Data Science & Finance
BA in Economics
  • Hobbies – Shriya loves playing the keyboard, reading and swimming in her free time.
  • Fields of interest – Business and Data analytics
  • Post MDAE plans – Post PGD data science and finance, she would like to gain some corporate experience as a data analyst and then pursue higher education in the same field.
Tejaswini S
PGD Data Science & Finance
BA Economics (Honors)
  • Hobbies – Reading and Bharatanatyam
  • Fields of interest – Data analytical, Business Analytics, Fin-tech, Finance
  • Post MDAE plans – Tejaswini plans on working and gaining corporate experience for the next two years and then continue her studies to get her Masters in Finance. She does aim to become an entrepreneur and start something on her own in the food technology industry while supporting women’s empowerment.
Vaidehi Kamdar
PGD Data Science & Finance
Bachelor of Science in Economics
  • Hobbies – Vaidehi enjoys reading books and listening to new music. She also enjoys travelling and exploring new places.
  • Fields of interest – Stock Market trading, Research, Data analysis
  • Post MDAE plans – Vaidehi plans to work for some time and then apply to the US for masters in quantitative finance or data analytics. She aims to make substantial contributions to the Indian Fintech industry in the near future and have her own start-up.
Vanessa Dmello
PGD Economics
BA Economics & Psychology
  • Hobbies – Vanessa loves listening to music, travelling, and exploring. She also enjoys dancing.
  • Fields of interest – Finance, Equity
  • Post MDAE plans – She is planning on pursuing a masters in economics and eventually work in consulting and financial services.
Venisha Kulal
PGD Data Science & Finance
B. Tech Biotechnology
  • Hobbies – Venisha enjoys reading, practising tricks on her jump rope, cooking and dancing.
  • Fields of interest – Data Science, Data Analysis, Fintech
  • Post MDAE plans – Venisha wants to work in the fields of data science and finance to be able to learn better. Her long term goal is to see herself handling challenging responsibilities and working in multiple domains and having a stable financial background.
Viraj Udgirkar
PGD Data Science & Finance
BA Economics and Political Science
  • Hobbies – Viraj loves playing cricket, He likes listening to music. He is also an avid reader.
  • Fields of interest – Fintech, Data Visualization, Data Analysis
  • Post MDAE plans – Viraj would like to take up a high-profile role in his field of interest after MDAE. My goal in life is to set a good career in the fields of fintech and data science. He plans to progress academically and professionally in the near future. 
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