SWARA DHARMARAJ   A graduate in Economics from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, Swara has 2 years of work experience in the Risk Consulting practice under the Banking and Financial Services sector of Ernst & Young and Deloitte. She has also interned with the Centre for Advanced Financial Research and Learning (CAFRAL – RBI) for a research project on Corporate Debt Restructuring. A curiosity to understand Macroeconomics since undergraduate times coupled with an exposure to Treasury Banking at work makes her keen to learn and understand the inter-relationship between macroeconomics, policy decisions and financial markets. She secured 1st rank in the Department of Economics at the undergraduate level and has been awarded the Lalit Doshi Memorial award for Best Academic Performance. She has also been awarded the EY Excellerator and Kudos spot recognition awards for her contribution at work. In her leisure, Swara likes to pursue her passion for Indian Classical Kathak, Western Classical violin and reading fiction.

DivyaSri Palaparti An honours graduate from Delhi University, DivyaSri is trained in quantitative Economics and Statistics. Her stint at KPMG has helped her enhance her ability to apply her knowledge and understanding of econometrics and finance in forecasting and benchmarking operational metrics. As Head of events, chief anchor and fund raiser for the college economics department, she has been exposed to situations wherein she demonstrated her project management and leadership skills. In addition to that, as a responsible citizen, Divya Sri has imparted education to underprivileged children at Make A Difference (NGO). She has taught and designed the curriculum, creating modules after thorough research, in order to incorporate music and dance in teaching language and phonetics for their better understanding and retention. She has also worked with ENACTUS for creating alternate employment opportunities for sex workers in Delhi. Currently enrolled in an on-line course on Financial Engineering and Risk Management, she aspires to apply her learning and abilities to a challenging corporate job. She is also fond of cooking, skating and is an Origami enthusiast.

Shreyansh Surana A management graduate from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, Shreyansh’s major project during undergrad was on Black Money. He have also done Statistical Behavioural Analysis on fast food chains. He has volunteered to work for Shiksha foundation, which works towards educating underprivileged students, in a school (Oxford English School) situated in Malad slum area. Shreyansh found interest in economics and data analytics during his undergraduate while doing these, and similar activities. The subjects in his course complimented his curiosity. Apart from academics, he likes to travel and try foods of different cuisines. After completing his post graduation from MDAE, he plan to pursue opportunities in Data Analytics applied in Financial sectors.

Pooja Shah Graduated this year in business management with a specialization in finance. An internship at Reliance Capital has further helped her apply her academic knowledge to industry skills. She has also taken up stints at NGO’s such as Animedh Trust. She is an avid foodie, enjoys teaching disadvantaged children and is highly passionate about a career in data analytics and finance. An eye for detail has given her the ability to approach problems critically. Also, an year of rotary international youth exchange program has incorporated in her the ability to adapt quickly and succeed through challenging times.
Shivam Kaushik Shivam is a graduate of King’s College London and is fascinated by the interaction between economic forces and public policy challenges. Having spent two years at a leading infrastructure advisory firm, he worked towards establishing cluster-wide integrated waste management services throughout Punjab. His key tasks included undertaking site visits throughout the state, extensive data collection and being the point of contact to both government officials and local stakeholders. He has also worked alongside a New Delhi based educational NGO. Moving forward, Shivam is particularly interested in exploring opportunities in the areas of public policy and data analytics.
Prachi Dosani Prachi has graduated in Bachelors of commerce from H.R. College of Commerce and Economics. She has done her post-graduation in M.A.economics from SNDT Women’s university. She is keenly interested in Macro Economics and Finance and Econometrics as well. She has done internship at Maharashtra Economic Development Council (MEDC). Her articles have got published in the MEDC monthly economic digest on various economic and political issues. She has also participated at students led conference for Social Media for gen next in SNDT. She stood second in Economic quiz during her M.A. Economics. She has done a certification course of NSE financial markets beginners module. She aims to apply learning to challenges at corporate jobs.

Sharayu Pawar is a post graduate in economics from SNDT Women’s University and a graduate in commerce from Mumbai University. She has done a five months internship with MEDC (Maharashtra Economic Development Council) as a part of the Masters programme, where she was part of the research team for their monthly publication. She has a keen interest in analytical economics and macroeconomic.

Hrishikesh K Poduval I have completed my majors in statistic and minor in economics from D.G.Ruparel College, Mumbai. Organizing Economic events in college and participating in various Economics festivals has developed and strengthened my interest in economics.It has helped me to develop my communication skills. Being a trekker and a trek organizer, it has instilled leadership quality in me. It has also helped me to develop analytical and management skill. Being a trek leader has boosted my confidence and has also taught me how to maximize my resources in limited availability. Someday I plan to start my own Travel portal. I am also a football enthusiast, have represented my school at district level football tournament, apart from that i am also a hobbyist photographer.
Beverley Dias Beverley graduated from St. Xavier’s College majoring in Economics and Sociology. Having been a student of Economics for the past five years and opting for market research as one of her subjects, has given her the opportunity to work on a plethora of research topics. A keen interest in the finance markets made her opt for the stock market courses with the Bombay Stock Exchange adding to her skill set. Possessing indelible reasoning and communication skills makes her believe that the entwined relationship between markets and human behaviour is cemented on Socio-Economic principles. She also loves writing and is an avid performing arts student.
Gargi Kamath Gargi is an Economics graduate from D.G. Ruparel college, with Psychology and Statistics minor. She has represented the college at various forums, elocution competitions, and was an active participant in organization of ‘Arthotsav’, an economics festival. She has been part of editing committee of college magazine. Being a student correspondent for her college at Youth Festival, has taught her time management and ability to manage large groups. Awarded student of the year 2015 and ranked highest in arts discipline for two consecutive years, she has also been student of French language at Alliance Francaise and completed one year certificate course in Archaeology from Mumbai University Extra Murals Department. She enjoys reading, writing, movies and is interested in History and Psychology.
Pradnya Nerkar Having pursued an undergraduate degree in Journalism, I went on to work as a Travel Editor for a US-based firm for 2 years. During this journey I had the opportunity to travel to cities and places and write about them. I was also in-charge of quality control of content for team projects. I simultaneously pursued a Master’s in English Literature. Later, I dedicatedly chased my goal for becoming an I.A.S. (Indian Administrative Service) officer. I qualified for the Mains level twice. My stint at this coveted examination has helped me gain deeper and wider knowledge of diverse fields, understand and develop the skill of self-awareness, and inculcate the ability of self-improvisation.

Archit Puri is an award winning social entrepreneur, initiating and leading a skill training not-for-profit venture. Archit has worked on projects with a broad range of organisations such as Centre for Civil society- one of India top think tanks, The Coca Cola Company as well as a couple of startups. In addition to having a background in business studies from NMIMS, Archit has diverse interests such as mountaineering, startups and behavioural economics. He also writes for Centre for Civil Society’s online column.

Reshu Natani After completing her bachelors in business adminsitration, Reshu wanted to gain some techincal and specialized knowledge, steering her towards economics, the one discipline that she thinks studies and enables decision making at the core of it. Leading a social entrepreneurship incubator and cofounding a social venture of her own honed her leadership and multitasking skills and at the same time, instilling the value of doing certain things in life in lieu of a monetary incentive. Interested in a plethora of activities and sectors, she has the ability to learn new things fairly quickly. She did a policy making workshop with Centre for Civil Society and a 6 week stint at NITI Aayog and is now interested in the nuances and research leading to policy making and development.

Aayush Makharia completed his Masters in Business Management and Public Policy from the reputed Hassaran Rijhumal College of Commerce and Economics and St. Xavier’s College respectively. Post that he felt the need to drive social change in India and enlisted for the Teach for India Fellowship 2012-2014 cohort. He followed that up with a brief stint with Price Water House Coopers where he learned the nuances of forensic advisory. He also worked as a Program Lead with Pratham Education Foundation. During his professional tenure he simultaneously co- founded two Start Ups within the hospitality and education sectors respectively. He has been an active debater and model united nation’s participant during his college years. He possesses excellent communication skills and is able to put across his thoughts in a coherent & cohesive manner. He aims to gain quantitative and qualitative reasoning skills while pursuing the Post Graduate Program in Economics at the Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics. He aspires to create a paradigm shift and partnership between the private and public sector for knowledge sharing and project implementation. He has been a national level tabla player and represented his state in Table Tennis.

Paridhi Rathi An economics graduate Paridhi has been a consistent academic rank holder. A keen observer and a research enthusiast, she used her insights gathered from an internship experience at an auto rickshaw aggregator start-up to co-author a research paper on urban transport sustainability, currently under review in an international journal. She has also worked with an NGO on the front of women SHGs. A poet by heart, Paridhi also has interest in studying Religion and Philosophy. She sees herself as a macro economist in future.

Nicole Almeida graduated in Political Science from St. Xavier’s College Mumbai. The intermingling of politics and economics and how it affects the discourse in both fields has led her to study economics in more depth. She has done a summer internship at Child Rights and You (CRY) where she assisted in research under the policy head. Her main areas of interest include public policy, development and International Political Economy . She has done research in diverse areas, ranging from Globalization in Africa to the Narmada Bachao Andolan . By participating in inter-college debates, she has developed an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving and understanding of issues that grapple our country. She believes in social change though political and economic reform.

Guntaas Uppal Ever since being introduced to the subject of economics, Guntaas has been intrigued by what drives humans to make certain decisions. A Minor in Psychology and Statistics with an Economics Degree, she aspires to explore the field of Behavioral Economics. Her passion for the subject coupled with oratory and leadership skills got her elected as the Secretary of the Economics Department of her college as well as the Chairperson of the Economics Festival in the same year. Being an ardent blogger, led her to intern with a start-up consultancy firm. After which she went on to intern with a renowned event management agency, Wizcraft International Entertainment as a Creative Copywriter. She is a voracious reader and a travel enthusiast.
Harshita Agrawal Harshita graduated from St. Xavier’s college, Mumbai with a double major in Economics and Sociology. She undertook two research projects in economics during graduation. She has also volunteered with an NGO in the field of Primary Education for underprivileged children. Her other social responsibilities include working with an NGO that helps underprivileged families of children having cancer to procure funds for sponsorship of their treatment. With the knowledge that she will gain and the research work that she will do during the program at MDAE, Harshita aims towards becoming well-grounded in Development Economics, especially Public Policy. She also hopes to use her inter-disciplinary knowledge of Economics and Sociology in the domain of Public Policy. She loves travelling, dancing, reading suspense thrillers and is passionate about yoga.

Prateek Kumar Mishra is an electrical & electronics engineer by training. I have interned in Bhabha Atomic Research Institute for a period of one month each for two years. Subsequently I worked as a currency derivatives trader at SR Info Enterprises. I am an avid swimmer, and I can swim upto 1.5 km at a stretch. Besides this, I also like to cook and write poetry. I would like to use my skills in data analytics to know about the more prevalent health problems facing the society today & the most effective ways to prevent their onset.

Sonya Gurnani  Sonya Gurnani is an accounting and finance graduate from H.R. College of Commerce & Economics, Mumbai. Internships with financial institutions have further amplified her analytical skills and polished her abilities in the research space. The underpin of economic modeling in financial decision making has led her to develop keen interests in the field of finance and economic research. Being a class representative has enabled her to demonstrate responsibility and further honed her management skills. She is actuated to deliver the best of her capabilities as she steps into a corporate job.
Aditi Khutal Aditi is a management graduate majoring in Foreign Trade and a Post Graduate majoring in financial services, with strong inclination towards entrepreneurship. She has passionate love for creative writing and digital space. She is successfully partnering in a digital marketing startup based in Indore. Aditi is an avid reader and a literature lover. She is keenly interested in bringing a change in the agro based industry with the use of inculcated economic tools and Foreign Trade.

Karthik Jaishankar

With an economics degree and two start-ups already under his belt, Kartik has always strived to amalgamate theory and practice into his daily life. His aptitude for business catalyzed by his passion for food, led him to create India’s first on-the-go gourmet restaurant. He has also worked at Gateway House, ranked among the top 100 Think Tanks in the world, focusing his research on geo-economics and international relations. Alongside his undergraduate degree, Kartik has written and presented award-winning papers on Corporate Social Responsibility and Emerging Economies at international events. Kartik is an avid debater, and has not only won, but also been invited to judge debates at National Level Competitions. He enjoys Japanese Poetry (Haiku) and is a certified deep-sea diver.

Tushar Kanade is an aspiring trans-disciplinary economist with a keen interest in political structures and macroeconomic policy. Throughout a international debating career spanning 4+ years, 10+ cities, 150+ debates & 2 continents, he has represented India at the World Universities Debating Championships in 2013 (held in India) and again in 2015 (held in Greece). In the past, Tushar has worked at a grassroots NGO and in the Business Risk Consulting division at Deloitte; he has also been the University Debate Coach at NMIMS University since 2014. At MDAE, Tushar is 1 of 3 candidates to be conferred the Adam Smith Scholarship. He has completed his Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) from NMIMS, awarded for Outstanding Contribution as a Top-5℅ Achiever. He is also pursuing his Master of Arts in Philosophy, majoring in Political Philosophy, from the University of Mumbai.

Pranali Nakti

“Pranali has completed her post graduate studies in economics from SNDT university, graduated from The D.G.Ruparel College her background being thoroughly from economics, she would like to utilise her knowledge empirically. Therefore, pursuing a diploma course to enhance her skill set and make herself ready for the dynamic corporate world. She has done a 2 month internship (as a part of the curriculum for the post graduate studies) at Trade Bulls Securities Private Limited. And learned basics of trading in securities market.
Along with interests in economics, she’s has played a role of swimming coach for beginners also was working with various cultural groups related to drama, dance etc. in her undergraduate and post graduate years of studying.”

Kartik Sharma Having graduated as an engineer from IIT-(BHU) in 2014 has enabled Kartik to acquire strong quantitative and critical reasoning skills. As a consultant to McKinsey Social Initiative, he recommended various human capital and social/policy impact solutions. He served as the Regional Head (Operations) for Zostel, India’s first chain of backpackers’ hostels, launching projects in various cities. He was also associated with the implementation of two flagship programmes for the company; Zostel Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) and Best Internship Ever. While in college, he served as a research intern for the German consultancy firm, Deutsche Montan Techologie Gmbh (DMT-IMC). Owing to his corporate stints, he developed a strong inclination towards economics which he further supplemented by taking up MOOCs. He aspires to redefine his career as a macroeconomist researcher. He has held several positions of responsibilities in college as a student convener and head of hospitality. He has also been a national level tennis player, representing Banaras Hindu University on multiple occasions. He is an avid reader of biographies and autobiographies. His taste in music ranges from psychedelic, progressive rock to alternative rock.

Manas Gokhale graduated from Ramnarain Ruia college in 2016 majoring in Economics and Mathematics, which helped him develop an analytical background. His keen interest in financial markets enabled him to intern briefly for a Financial Advisory firm. He works for an NGO named Ankur which looks after orphans. He represented his college at various competitions and won many accolades. He was a part of organizing a national level Economic conference and festival in his college. A state level table tennis player, he likes to play Tabla in his free time.

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