Technology101 Training for EGI Employees

Company Name: Edelweiss General Insurance

Date: 19th Jan, 2022 - 15th Apr, 2022

Mode: Online (Twice a week)

Course Content

Introduction to Technology and Software Development

  • Technology Landscape
  • Types of applications – Web, Native Mobile, Cloud Native
  • SDLC – Traditional Waterfall, Agile, Product Development

Digital Architecture and Technology Stacks

  • Layers of software architecture
  • Data Architecture – Relational, Document, Big Data, Data Warehouse, Data Lakes

Digital Architecture and Technology Stacks

  • Back end architecture – Traditional Languages (Java, Python). Modern Approach (MEAN Stack)
  • Presentation Layer – Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Hybrid Apps, React/Flutter etc.

Cloud Computing

  • What is a cloud computing?
  • How does cloud computing work?
  • Difference between private and public clouds ?
  • Main advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing?
  • Who are the major cloud providers? Focus will be on public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google) and how they provide pay-per-use services and enable businesses to leverage opex instead of capex.

Application Programming and Interfaces (API)

  • What is an API?
  • What are the different types of APIs? How do APIs work?
  • Why would a company open their API? How can APIs enable a digital business?
  • Why are they the in-thing now ?
  • How has it changed the way people build and deploy applications.

Data Mining and Analytics

  • Analysing data at rest and in transit
  • Visualisation tools like Power BI, Qlikview etc.
  • Statistical analysis tools e.g. SPSS
  • Some back end technologies specific to analytics e.g. Apache Spark, R

Data Privacy and Security

  • What is cybersecurity
  • Trends in cybersecurity
  • Tools and Technologies
  • Securing your applications

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • What is AI & ML
  • Trends in AI & ML
  • How companies incorporate AI & ML into their digital business strategies
  • Common industry applications using statistics and machine learning to generate quantitative insights
  • Common misperceptions about data science
  • The analytics project lifecycle


  • What is blockchain and how does it work? What is the difference between cryptocurrency and blockchain? Examples of blockchain solutions current deployed ?
  • Web 3 and related buzz words (e.g. DAO, NFT, Solidity)
  • New age digital experience (AR, VR, Chatbots)
  • Quantum Computing

Training Faciliator

Sunil Bidwalkar

  • A seasoned software professional with strong passion for technology and more than three decades of experience with reputed organisations like Deloitte Consulting, Tech Mahindra, IDBI and Xoriant Corporation.
  • Experienced in wide variety of roles e.g. technical, managerial, practice building and architecture
  • Always kept himself actively engaged in the core engineering aspects like Solution design and Solution architecture.
  • Worked with a dream-team from IIT Bombay and spear headed the design / development / implementation of several business crucial applications in initial stages of computerisation at IDBI .
  • Instrumental in setting up IDBI’s IT company, IDBI Intech Ltd.
  • Led several engagements and delivered multi-million dollar assignments to global Fortune 100 clients in Retail and Healthcare segments.
  • Worked with Xoriant Corporation, a Silicon-Valley based company with 30 years of lineage and niche positioning of “Software Product Engineering”. Built the core technology group and scaled the company’s expertise into newer areas like Big Data and AI/ML.
  • Coach and mentor by passion.
  • Tained several batches of finance managers on use of spreadsheets (an alien concept that time) for project appraisal.
  • Led several training initiatives via off-site coaching and mentorship programs, right from being a coach to being the “Dean”.
  • Pioneered the concept of a bi-annual technology event, called Tech X, where best minds from within the company co-learn from each other and from industry experts. Besides anchoring the event from whiteboard planning, he has also presented contemporary topics from time to time.
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