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Past Econ Lab Lectures:

“Economics of Communication” – by Ms Ushamrita Choudhury, Product & Digital Marketing Manager, Bandhan Bank

Global Trading System: Trends and Challenges” by Dr. Pravin Krishna, Professor of International Economics & Finance at Johns Hopkins University.

Testing for Convergence” by Dr. Neeraj Hatekar, Director, Department of Economics, University of Mumbai

Anti-Trust, Collusion and Anti-competitive Strategies” by Dr. Ajit Ranade, Chief Economist, Aditya Birla Group

Forecasting GDP” by Dr. Tushar Poddar, ex- Managing Director and Chief India Economist, Goldman Sachs

Monetary Transmission In India” by Dr. Mridul Saggar, Advisor, International Department, Reserve Bank of India

Detecting Financial Fragility” by Dr. Mangal Goswami, Deputy Director at IMF’s Singapore Regional Training Institute

Why Business Plans Unravel” by Mr. Abhijit Chaudhuri, Founder of Milestone Consulting

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