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Speaker Series, Workshops/Econ Labs and Case Studies

MDAE has incorporated three academic innovations in its program:


Speaker Series

The Speaker Series will serve as an out-of-the-classroom venue for students to encounter exciting intellectual developments in the disciplines of economics and finance. A prominent academic or practitioner delivers a talk on a topic drawn either from their research or their work, and a discussion follows with members of the audience. These events are open to all members students, corporates, academics and the general public.

A list of past Speaker Series Events and lecture summaries can be found here.


Workshops/Econ Labs

The Workshops/Econ Labs closely track what the students have learned in the classroom, and broaden and deepen their understanding of it. During each of these events, a prominent professional economist delivers a talk on a concrete real-world problem that he or she has grappled with, and that problem will serve as an illustrative application of concepts learned in the courses. Each of the Core Courses will offer Workshops/Econ Labs, while each of the streams in the Elective Courses will also offer its own set of Workshops/Econ Labs.

A list of Econ Lab Events and lecture summaries can be found here.


Case Studies

An objective of this program is to ensure that students develop the necessary framework to analyze various economic problems in the real world. We have designed numerous case studies, exploring the depths and details of many economic puzzles and crises. For instance, the Advanced Macroeconomics course incorporates case studies on Japan’s lost decade, Korean growth story, and the Euro Crisis in its syllabus. Through discussions of these case studies, students hone their analytical and critical thinking skills.

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