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Elective Courses

There are 10 elective courses on offer, of which students will choose 4 for credit (and are allowed to audit one or more of the remaining 6). Of the 10, 9 are divided into 3 streams of 3 courses each:

  1. Finance
  2. Public Policy
  3. Data Analytics

A student is not required to, but may wish to, specialize in one of the 3 streams, and if he/she decides to do so, then he/she must take all 3 courses in that stream, and 1 additional course to complete the 4 for-credit courses.

The 10th course, Crises, does not fit neatly within any one stream, but students who specialize in the Finance or Public Policy streams may consider it as their 4th for-credit elective course since the course has elements of both finance and public policy.

Alongside the three courses in each stream, students will also be offered Workshops/Econ Labs. These are not required for credit, but students specializing in a stream are strongly advised to attend the Workshops/Econ Labs being offered in that stream, as these will illustrate some of the principles taught in that stream and also offer additional training that is often required for jobs in the arena of that stream.

The courses will be taught for 30 hours each with additional hours for Workshops and Econ Labs.

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