Speaker Series : Sanjay Tolia, Markets Leader, PWC

Event Date:

06th Apr 2019

Event Time:

11:00 AM
Mr Sanjay Tolia, Markets Leader Pwc visited the academy and addressed the students. Pointer’s from his talk are as follows. What is the Role of a Markets Leader? Clients need a holistic solution to competencies. Markets Leader tries to stitch the competencies together for clients. PWC conducts a CEO survey every year and releases results on the World Economic Forum as to where the world and organizations are going. 3 themes emerge from this survey.
  1. Reality Check – Over last 21 years CEO’s have been optimistic about growth of their company. However this year 30% CEO’s are pessimistic.
  1. What are they worried about – Earlier they would be worried about terrorism and climate change etc. This year they are concerned about regulatory uncertainty, political instability etc.
  1. Skill Gap – There exists a skill gap among employees about collating and analyzing the Big Data.
Income Redistribution There is an asymmetry in income distribution. More people are becoming middle class, but the income of middle class is going down. New Challenges for Organizations To provide more and more valuable services to their respective consumers. Digital presence is becoming mandatory for survival. Disruption Disruption caused by machines taking over operations and organization becoming more automized.