Career Opportunities in Consulting by Roopank Chaudhury (Partner, AON Hewitt) on 20th October

On Tuesday, 20th October, the Meghnad Desai Academy hosted Mr. Roopank Chaudhury (Partner, AON Hewitt) to interact with the students on Career Opportunities. The talk was broadly divided into three parts –

  • Consulting and its various forms
  • Changing dynamics of the job market
  • Key skills required to succeed as a freshly recruited employee.

In the first part, Mr. Chaudhury defined consultants as providers of intellectual capital who are hired to either provide new solutions or verify and validate the existing ones. While the term consultant is widely used, it has several functions within it. The various types of consultants include but are not limited to

  • Strategy Consultant / Management consultant – Provides advice to senior management on overall strategy of the firm. These consultants would be hired to answer questions like
    • where should Ranbaxy start its new manufacturing unit,
    • should Bisleri integrate horizontally or vertically?

Firms include McKinsey, BCG, Bane etc.

HR Consultant – Advises on people management, incentive & compensation structure, hire & fire policies, payroll systems etc. Firms include AON Hewitt, Hay Group

  • IT Consultant – Related to technology, systems and processes. Firms like Accenture
  • Financial / Tax / Audit Consultant – Advises on matters affecting revenue & costs, tax optimisation etc. Firms include the Big Four

In the next part, he emphasized on the changing dynamics of the job market by highlighting how:

  • Corporations preferred individuals with multi-faceted and diverse backgrounds as opposed to more traditional recruits.
  • E-commerce companies are now tapping into investment banks and consulting firms to hire generalists for major leadership roles within the firms.
  • Corporations now emphasis on people with high Emotional Quotient (EQ) rather than intellectual quotient (IQ)

In the last segment, he highlighted Data Analysis & Quantitative knowledge as the core skill set that one requires to get recruited as an analyst in consulting.

This was followed by a highly interactive question and answer session with the students.

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Date(s) - 20/10/2015
2:30 pm - 4:45 pm

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