Geopolitics Post COVID - 19

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A 10-hour online certificate programme jointly offered by Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics & Gateway House

The world has experienced several pandemics in the past century, and, more recently, a great global churning with power shifts. Nothing has been more dramatic than the covid-19 pandemic, in accelerating these changes.

India has been mostly focused on itself, but the current covid-19 crisis presents immediate opportunities for a transformation in policy, industry and innovation. These are unique junctures in history, a time when a range of enabling policies become politically acceptable for countries. For india, this crisis is a time to push through dramatic reform, as it did in 1991, to prepare the country for the new global economy that will be created in the wake of the decoupling of china and the west that has begun.

We are all seeking answers to questions, such as:

  • Will the pandemic create a new world order, and what will be India's role therein?
  • Can India overcome China's dominance, and if so will it be through home grown innovation?
  • How will low energy prices change the current global dynamic?

The objective of this course is to provide students with a geopolitical perspective of the pandemic's challenges and opportunities for India.
Key topics that this course will cover include –

  • Geopolitical churn and the Indian imperative: The Global dynamic of the pandemic and rewriting of the world order; India’s role in regional and geoeconomic engagements, old and new; Significance of diaspora diplomacy
  • India in the post-pandemic world: China’s dominance over rare earth elements and its impact; Promotion of hardware and high tech manufacturing from instrumentation to 3D printing and its role in India’s Industry 4.0.
  • Economic and Security Impact: Energy futures in the era of low oil: new technologies, investments and benchmarks. India’s IT sector’s role during the lockdown. Chinese app enticements: entertainment or national security threat.


  • Ms. Manjeet Kripalani, Executive Director and co-founder - Gateway House
  • Amb. Rajiv Bhatia, Distinguished Fellow, Foreign Policy Studies - Gateway House
  • Dr. Chaitanya Giri, Fellow, Space and Ocean Studies - Gateway House
  • Mr. Amit Bhandari, Fellow, Energy and Environment Studies - Gateway House
  • Mr. Blaise Fernandes, President and CEO, Indian Music Industry - Gateway House
  • Mr. Sameer Patil, Fellow, International Security Studies - Gateway House
  • Ms. Ambika Khanna, Senior Researcher, International Law Studies - Gateway House

Fees - INR 1,150.5 + GST

Use code MDAEPAST50 to get the recorded version of the course at 50% discounted price of the live version (Discounted price for the recorded version: Rs 1150.5)

A certificate of completion will be issued by the Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics (MDAE) jointly with Gateway House at the end of the program. It is mandatory for everyone to attend all lectures.

Who is this Course for?

  • Students pursuing their graduation or post-graduation in any discipline.
  • Faculty members and research scholars.
  • Young working professionals

Detailed lecture plan:

Session 1: Scrutinizing Chinese FDI during the pandemic by Amit Bhandari, Blaise Fernandes and Ambika Khanna

Topics to be covered:

  • Chinese investments in India
  • Amended FDI policy and its impact
  • Concept of beneficial ownership

Session 2: Geopolitical churn and the Indian imperative by Amb. Rajiv Bhatia and Manjeet Kripalani

Topics to be covered:

  • Global dynamic of the pandemic
  • India’s corona diplomacy
  • Importance of diaspora diplomacy

Session 3: Emerging trends in space, technologies and energy in the post COVID world by Chaitanya Giri and Amit Bhandari

Topics to be covered:

  • Second space race and promotion of hardware and high tech manufacturing
  • Energy futures in the era of low oil
  • China’s dominance over rare earth elements and its impact

Session 4: Strategies to manage Pakistan effectively in the post-COVID era by Ambika Khanna

Topics to be covered:

  • Increasing tensions between India and Pakistan
  • Pakistan’s economy and role of military
  • Feasibility of India sanctioning Pakistan

Reading Material for the Certification Program

Session 1

Check Session 1 Video | Download Session 1 PDF

Session 2

Check Session 2 Video | Download Session 2 PDF

Session 3

Session 4

Post-course reading material

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

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