Get Access to people, opportunities and excellence

Get Access to people, opportunities and excellence


If you read our post on the four pillars of Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics, you already know what we stand for (if you haven’t, you can read it here). Here we dive deeper into our ACCESS pillar. What is Access to us? Why is Access important to our institution?

A student cannot simply learn by reading off a textbook. True learning happens when students have access and when students have exposure.

1. Placements

Placement season is always a busy affair at Meghnad Desai Academy. From day one, our Placement Committee is dedicated to the students. Each individual student is prioritised through the entire process, from CV building to interview prep to finding the right role for each individual student.

2. Internships

For a month, students are required to do an internship. This internship helps them apply the concepts they have learned in the course.

3. Speaker Series

The Speaker Series serves as an out-of-the-classroom venue for students to encounter exciting intellectual developments in the disciplines of economics and finance. A prominent academic or practitioner delivers a talk on a topic drawn either from their research or their work, and a discussion follows with members of the audience.

4. Mentorship Program

As part of the one – year mentorship program, each student is paired up with a professional who is an expert in their field.

Access to people, to opportunities and to excellence is what Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics stands for.

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