Guest Lecture Series



On Saturday 11th August,  MDAE invited Dr. Pravin Krishna, Professor of International Economics & Finance at Johns Hopkins University. Professor Krishna spoke to the students about the Global Trading System: Trends and Challenges.

The key points that he highlighted were:

  • How the multilateral trading system has helped bring tariffs down especially in developing countries
  • How this has led to an increase in trade
  • The increasing dominance of preferential trade agreements
  • Challenges arising from preferential trade agreements between groups of countries.
  • Doha round and the trade-offs in agricultural trade.
  • Trade diversion due to regional trading agreements.

He also stressed upon the uncertainty surrounding the Doha Development Round and the repercussions it could  have on trade relations. He then reflected on the current trade dispute and settlement systems and the role of the WTO.

This was followed by a Q&A session where Professor Krishna addressed the following issues:

  • Anti-dumping measures
  • Political economy of trading system
  • India’s trade policy


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