How to Program on Python

10 Hour Online (Live) Certification Program

Learning Outcomes

  • If you are a programmer but have never worked with Python, the course will provide you a quick bootstrap introduction to Python
  • If you are comfortable with computational capabilities of Microsoft Excel, the course will give you a good idea of when you need to move away from Excel to the domain of Python programming
  • If you have no exposure to any kind of computational work, but are contemplating programming as a skill to be acquired, then the course will give you a good flavor of what programming, especially in Python, entails


  • The course does not require prior programming experience
  • An exposure to Microsoft Excel as a computational tool would be an advantage
  • Basic understanding of logic and flowcharts would be an advantage
  • Students are encouraged to join the online course from their computer (rather than a mobile phone).  It is advised that Python 3.x be installed on the student’s computer, so that the student can experiment with Python code after course hours

Faculty: Mr. Amlesh Kanekar

Amlesh Kanekar is a consulting data scientist at Quantic Technovations and a visiting faculty member at the Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics. He has 30+ years of global experience in information technology in the Banking and Finance Domain. Prior to Quantic, he worked as Senior Director, Digital Banking Consulting at Oracle financial services software. You can read more about his background here –

Fees – INR 938.1+ GST

Use code MDAEPAST50 to get the recorded version of the course at 50% discounted price of the live version (Discounted price for the recorded version: Rs 938.1)

Eligibility: Open to students, faculty, and working professionals from diverse backgrounds

Day 1

Session 1 (1.25 hours)

  • What does it mean to write a computer program?
  • How does a computer program interact with your computer?
  • Understanding the above with a simple Python program.
  • Introduction to the simplest of Python IDEs – IDLE.
  • Introduction to the Python print statement.

Session 2 (1.25 hours)

  • What is a data type?  What is a variable?
  • Introduction to basic python data types with python code examples.
  • Revisit the print statement using variables.

Day 2

Session 1 (1.25 hours)

  • Introduction to the Python input statement.
  • Python arithmetic operators.

Session 2 (1.25 hours)

  • Python operations on the string data type.
  • Revisit the input statement using strings.

Day 3

Session 1 (1.25 hours)

  • Iterable data types – the need for them, how they work.
  • Introduction to the Python list data type and operations.
  • Importance of iterative, indexable, subscriptable, mutable data types.

Session 2 (1.25 hours)

  • Iteration – the list date type, the range function, the for loop.

Day 4

Session 1 (1.25 hours)

  • Python in-built functions.
  • What are functions?
  • An overview of the basic Python in-built functions.
  • Writing your own function in Python.

Session 2 (1.25 hours)

  • Introduction to commonly used Python packages.
  • Supplying values to your Python program – reading arguments from the command line in Python.

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