Post graduate Diploma in Economics


The Post Graduate Diploma in Economics at MDAE is offered jointly with Department of Economics (Autonomous), University of Mumbai. This is will qualify as the 16th year of education. Our unique teaching methods focus on applied learning and case studies rather than on rote learning. Students will participate in workshops and seminars with top economics and finance professionals from around the world. Given our corporate connections, students will get the opportunity to participate in live projects. Further, upon completion of the Program, we aim to provide students with internship opportunities with leading firms across the country. The Program is meant for graduates from any discipline who have strong quantitative skills and would like to learn economics and finance to solve real world problems. The Program is also useful for young professionals who would like to develop applied post graduate economics and finance skills to further their careers.



MDAE has incorporated three academic innovations in its program:


The Speaker Series will serve as an out-of-the-classroom venue for students to encounter exciting intellectual developments in the disciplines of economics and finance. A prominent academic or practitioner delivers a talk on a topic drawn either from their research or their work, and a discussion follows with members of the audience. These events are open to all members students, corporates, academics and the general public.

The Workshops and Econ Labs closely track what the students have learned in the classroom, and broaden and deepen their understanding of it. During each of these events, a prominent professional economist delivers a talk on a concrete real-world problem that he or she has grappled with, and that problem will serve as an illustrative application of concepts learned in the courses. Each of the Core Courses will offer Workshops/Econ Labs, while each of the streams in the Elective Courses will also offer its own set of Workshops/Econ Labs.

Many students find it difficult to carve their path because they do not have the right guidance. Our one-year mentorship program pairs our students up with a top professional in the field they are interested in. Most of our students are still very much in touch with their mentors and still look up to them for guidance. Mentors include but is not limited to the Managing Director of J.P. Morgan, Partner at Aon Hewitt and the Director of IDFC Institute.



We had an excellent experience working with a student from the MDAE. Unlike most, he had an extraordinary curiosity and a willingness to learn and place textbook economics in their historical and political context, which itself involved digging into 500 years of political history. Based on this experience of working with him, we have made him an offer to join us full-time once he graduates from MDAE.

Dr. Reuben Abraham

CEO & Senior Fellow , IDFC Institute

With sound training in economic concepts, practical experience and exposure to real-world issues.
MDAE students appeared well prepared for the job market.

D.K. Joshi

Chief Economist , Crisil Ltd.

The MDAE experience is indeed one of its kind in the manner through which it emboldens us to think critically. Just a few months into the course, I find myself better skilled to reason which is indeed the most crucial requisite in the study of economics. In all, the academy provides an exclusive blend of both theory and practice. Here we’re learning not merely the regular ‘textbook economics’, but are constantly encouraged to look beyond to the real world of ambiguities and great uncertainties. The student culture at the academy is brilliant. You’re part of a highly competent yet passionate bunch of learners from diverse backgrounds, both educational and otherwise, across the country.

Asher John

Alumni , Class of 2018


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