Modelling and Visualising Pandemic Data

10 Hour Online (Live) Certification Program

Managing epidemics like Covid-19 requires data driven decision making. The ability to quickly learn about the current status of the pandemic is vital to manage it . Using analytical models to project and experiment with various policy options is an important ingredient of the practioner’s toolbox. This course will cover the basics of visualization and modelling of the pandemic in India using the open source programming language R.

Learning outcomes –

  1. Track early warning signals by visualizing pandemic data.
  2. Experiment with policy options on epidemiological models.
  3. Get familiar with R and data visualization in general.

Faculty: Dr. Neeraj Hatekar – Former HOD, Department of Economics, University of Mumbai & Visiting Fellow, Cambridge University.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with Excel

Fees: INR  1056.1 + GST

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Lecture plan

Lecture 1 (2 hours): Basics of R, installation of packages, reading data into R, data visualization in R, familiarizing with the grammar of graphics in R

Lecture 2 (2 hours) : Building visualizations for Covid-19-I

Lecture 3 ( 2 hours): Building data visualizations for Covid-19 -II

Lecture 4 (2 hours): Policy Experiments with epidemiological models

Lecture 5 ( 2 hours): Calculating R, doubling period and building animations, time series forecasts of cases

Hardware and software requirements:

A windows based computer with atleast 4 GB RAM, preferable 8 GB and more

Latest version of R (4.0.2) installed (R is free to download.)

The following packages will have to be installed:
tidyverse, dplyr, ggplot2,EpiEstim, EarlyR, meboot, gganim,  GridExtra, forecast

For assistance in downloading, please contact,

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