Online Certificate Programs – To Do’s

It is highly recommended to join the program through the Zoom software application. Each participant is required to download the same ( for the best experience. You could join through the browser; however the software is a much better option (to avoid any glitches). Please make sure that your computer audio is fully functional in order to hear the speaker properly. We also recommend that you use head/earphones with a mike.

You can access the program by downloading the mobile application as well.

You will need a constant internet/broadband connection with a minimum speed of 1 MBPS.

Before the webinar, an invitation link will be shared with each of you. Please do check you email as well as your spam folder. Register your details on the invitation link and you will automatically be sent the webinar joining link as well as the invitation code. Once you click the joining link, it will automatically open the Zoom software application (kindly give it a few seconds).

If for any case the link does not work, participants can join the webinar using the webinar ID and meeting code by opening the downloaded software. Webinar id and meeting code can be found in the webinar joining email.

During the lecture, students may use the Q&A & chat option in the software to raise any query. For the smooth functioning of the online lectures, students are requested to keep their audio on mute throughout the lecture, unless asked by the instructor to speak. The chat box can be used for any queries/concerns.