Placement 2021

Placement season is always a busy affair at Meghnad Desai Academy. In the past, our students have worked with some of the largest companies, both Indian and international in short-term and long-term stints. Here’s a look at all the companies that our students have been associated with.

Placements 2020-2021 Economics
Aayushi Shah
Gitanksh Sethi
Sana Joshi
Neeti Lotliker
Operations Analyst
Arsh Mogre
Strategy Analyst
Sana Parikh
Senior Analyst
Devyansh Desai
Research Analyst
Mahima Soni
Economics Specialist
Priyanshi Desai
Financial Advisory
Raj Singh
Esha Paigankar
Research Analyst
Deepali Shirgaonkar
Executive - CSR
Ankita Ugar
Behavioral Researcher
Sounak Das
Research Analyst
Aneesha Limal
Data Scientist
Arya Shah
Data Scientist
Krina Shah
Data Scientist
Sana Kauser Shaikh
Data Scientist
Anchal Khandelwal
Senior Research Assistant
Placements 2020-2021 Data Science
Yash Beshwala
Equity Research
Nirakar Padhy
Data Scientist
Abhijeet Singh
Analyst, Technology Consulting
Manvi Mehta
Naqiyah Dhariwala
Data Scientist


We have had a very good experience with a student from MDAE who has been working with us over the past three years. Practical exposure is what differentiates MDAE students, and we observed that she was able to close the gap between academia, and real-life faster than fresh graduates from other renowned institutes. MDAE is doing a stellar job in preparing candidates for the job market.

Santanu Sengupta

Head – Treasury Economics and Strategy, RIL

“With sound training in economic concepts, practical experience and exposure to real-world issues. MDAE students appeared well prepared for the job market.”

Mr DK Joshi

(Chief Economist Crisil Ltd)

"We had an excellent experience working with a student from the MDAE. Unlike most, he had an extraordinary curiosity and a willingness to learn and place textbook economics in their historical and political context, which itself involved digging into 500 years of political history. Based on this experience of working with him, we have made him an offer to join us full-time once he graduates from MDAE"

Dr. Reuben Abraham

(CEO & Senior fellow at IDFC Institute)

What is the placement process at MDAE like?

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