Post Graduate Program in Business Management

Lead Change in Disruptive Times

An Executive Part Time Program

Vision behind the program

MDAE’s (PGPBM) is an intensive 12 months, multi-modular, part-time program that aims to instil new age management skills in the 21st century professional. In a world where global trade is booming and data is the new oil, a fundamental understanding of economic frameworks, analytics and futuristic technology is a for every manager.

The PGPBM will help new age decision makers or soon-to-be decision makers understand and master applied economic principles, data handling tools and the ability to deal with disruptive technology, making the manager future-proof. The program will also offer critical insights into various business functions such as marketing, strategy, operations, and finance. Through such a scientific approach to management, you will acquire the necessary skills and credibility to lead change across your organisation and your industry.

The 12 months of the program are divided into 4 terms. The first 3 will help you understand and master management, economics and, financial concepts while the last term will allow you to specialise in one of the 2 subjects – The 4th Industrial Revolution (Digital) or Finance

Be where the future is.

Key learning Outcomes

Key Learning


Is this course meant for you?

  • Are you a mid-career professional looking to transition from a functional to the managerial role?
  • Are you an entrepreneur wondering how to optimise the next big business trend?
  • Do you want to acquire new skills in economic development, innovation, and leadership?
  • Want to reinvent your career and attempt an industry & location jump?

Whatever your reasons may be, our program makes your career future-proof, cross-functional and globally-mobile.

Key traits that we look for in candidates:
1. Ambition and hunger to assume a larger role within/ outside their organisation
2. Diverse professional experience as a leader/manager/ entrepreneur


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