Rigor in Thought, in Action and in Outcomes

Rigor in Thought, in Action and in Outcomes

What Does Rigor mean to us?

If you read our post on the four pillars of Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics, you already know what we stand for (if you haven’t, you can read it here). Let’s talk about what we mean by Rigour as one of our pillars.

Rigor means that our students are challenged to think, perform, and grow to a level that they were not at previously. Our programs are rigorous because:

1. Curriculum

Firstly, what other colleges and universities teach in 2 years, we teach in one year. Secondly, our professors are so invested in the students, they are constantly pushing them so they can reach their potential.

2. Quantitative training

The one-year post graduate certificate in Economics with a specialisation in Data Analytics, Public Policy and Finance, provides a rigorous quantitative training. As a student, you learn Python, R Programming, Advanced Statistics and Mathematics. We understand the importance of quantitative training in today’s world and so encourage our students to have these skills.

3. Weekly Readings

Every week, our professors send across an article to the students. These articles are about current affairs and related to the concepts they are learning. These articles are then discussed in class.

Rigor in thought, in action and in outcomes is what Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics focuses on.

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