Mumbai, Maharashtra

Education Background

Master’s from Department of Civics and Politics, majors in Public Policy, Mumbai University. Bachelor’s from Tolani College of Commerce, majors in Accounting and Management, Mumbai University. Work experience of about 1.7 years with different roles such as Project Coordinator, CSR Executive and Project Officer- capacity building.

Interests/ Hobbies

Cooking, Researching Music, Mehndi designing and curious about Mythology

Field of Interest

Public Policy

Post MDAE Plans

My goals are to work with the research firm working in public policy, think-tank or an NGO.

Research Experience / Projects

  1. Survey with the Department on Civics and Politics on Eating Habits of Tribal Areas in Junnar district to study the different eating habits of tribal areas.
  2. Field research on Tribal School Assessment in Pune district
  3. Field Research with American scholar on intersectional identities on their political performance with main focus on women