New Delhi

Education Background

Bachelors of Management, Major in Management Studies, Aryabhatta College, University of Delhi


I've led as the President of Rangmanch: The Dramatics society of Aryabhatta College

Interests/ Hobbies

I have been pursuing theatre for 4 years in some form or another and it continues to be a deep passion. I've volunteered at Mahila Awaaz Samaj ki Shakti Society as a Spoken English trainer and have been a member of GirlUp Roar, a United Nations Organisation subsidiary.

Field of Interest

Behavioural economics and public policy are fields I find interesting. I believe them to be disciplines of change, with the potential of influencing lives on a subconscious level.

Post MDAE Plans

I plan to get on the job experience. I also plan to do my masters in behavioural economics and have aspirations of writing a globally pertinent Ph.D. thesis along the way.