Mumbai, Maharashtra

Education Background

Completed Bachelor of Business Administration from Kingston University. Worked across Thomson Reuters, Nomura, UBS and CEAT Tyres in compliance and operations profile.


Dean's Prize during third year and Award for contribution to the team at Thomson Reuters.

Interests/ Hobbies

Reading and kickboxing. I have volunteered with Oxfam.

Field of Interest


Post MDAE Plans

I am interested in studying market structures and finding a solution to regulate potential monopolies emerging in the tech space. Relying on skills gained in microeconomics, public policy and data analytics during my time at MDAE, I hope to be able to work in a research profile involving competition law or in an economic consulting profile.

Research Experience / Projects

Currently assisting fintech professionals associated with ISPRT (a think tank based in Bangalore) on a consultation paper for TRAI suggesting ways to increase financial inclusion in India using telecom data.