Mumbai, Maharashtra

Education Background

Economics and Commerce Bachelor's degree from St Xavier's College, Mumbai. Completed a Pre-master's course in Business Economics at Radboud University.

Interests/ Hobbies

I enjoy Cycling and Gardening. I was a part of the Social Involvement Programme at St.Xavier's College, Mumbai.

Field of Interest

Many economies have grown rapidly and achieved development and welfare, but at the cost of environmental degradation. Hence, I am interested in Institutions and Sustainable Economic Growth.

Post MDAE Plans

The economics course at MDAE will help me develop adequate skills and knowledge required to pursue further education as well work with firms. But I aim to grasp these skills and focus on further education and research in my field of interest.

Research Experience / Projects

  1. Policy Paper: Should Trade in kidneys be legalized in Philippine’s
  2. Assessing the effects of Net exports on sustainable development / Genuine Savings
  3. Experimental  design paper: To what extent does  the nature of the information received by an individual affect people’s choices