Mumbai, Maharashtra

Education Background

B.A Economics and Statistics from K.C College, Mumbai University.


Winner of the 27th International Economic Convention, where I was the best Speaker and the highest contributor. I also scored 32nd rank internationally in the international commerce olympiad in my 12th grade.

Interests/ Hobbies

I love engaging in philosophical and non-fictional works from niche essays by Schrodinger's to more contemporary works by Dr. Jordan Peterson. Another long time hobby of mine has been listening to podcasts and lo-fi music, an activity I indulge in every time I am at the gym, out for a run or commuting. Finally, I also love gardening, an interest I picked up from my mother.

Field of Interest

Retail Technology and Energy

Post MDAE Plans

I would love to explore roles across finance and consulting landscape to develop a holistic understanding of strategic management and finance. There on I would want to translate my experience in transitioning towards the venture capital industry with my work revolving around the intersection of strategy, finance and entrepreneurship.