Mumbai, Maharashtra

Education Background

Bachelor of Arts, major in Economics from Jai Hind College, Mumbai


I am an Adam Smith Scholar at MDAE and I was also awarded the T. B. Punwani price for excellence in academics with focus on research.

Interests/ Hobbies

Interested in reading, photography, swimming and research. I try to volunteer with organisations and communities from time to time. I have had the opportunity to teach three girls in Gular, Uttarakhand with remote access towards resources.

Field of Interest

I am keen on Research on Educational, Environmental and Gender Policy and Developmental Studies. I feel that these fields provide a perfect balance of analysis and creativity and hence I nurture a genuine passion for them.

Post MDAE Plans

I am open to working for any organisation that will help me make a real difference with research and analysis.

Research Experience / Projects

  1. Co-author and Speaker for the published paper ‘Higher Education and Human Capital: Lessons from Australia’
  2. Research Mentor for a paper that analysed the economic and ecological impacts of fast fashion