Mumbai, Maharashtra

Education Background

Bachelor in Business Administration (Specialisation in Finance), NMIMS University.

Interests/ Hobbies

Music and Quantitative Techniques. I led the Rotaract Club of Mumbai Western Elite as a Vice President 2019-2020. I have also formed a team and worked on a project 'Awaaz' for Rural Village Development in Aarey Colony to create an impact.

Field of Interest

Interested in Capital Markets as each day is different and exciting. When other people trust you with their money, you become responsible in life. Markets help understand the real meaning of risk, and it tests your nerves and brings out the best in you.

Post MDAE Plans

Want to work closely with Numbers in the Financial Markets. Focusing on creating valuation models for value investing.

Research Experience / Projects

Created a model on Modern Portfolio Theory to form efficient frontiers based on Portfolio Management.