Young Economists Research Competition

The winners of the YERC were:
Sarwari Das – Jai Hind BA Economics –  How can India become a nation of innovators?
Nidhi Taparia – St. Xaviers, Jaipur – Does good economics require bad politics?
Second Place:
Meet Mehta and Maneka Prabhu –  Sarla Anil Modi School Of Economics, NMIMS – GST- What was the objective? Is it being achieved?
Participant Feedback
1. How was your overall experience with the YERC?
I would say my experience has been learning. I thoroughly enjoyed with the kind of competition it has turned out to be. Just that I would like to have a look at what were the contents of others’ papers.
2. Did you like the topics that were given? 
Yes, totally. In fact, I felt the topics provided the much needed room for creativity. And since they came from different segments altogether, the quality was only magnified.
3. Was the feedback session with Dr. Indradeep helpful? Why? Why not?
It definitely was helpful. I loved the way Professor gave me meaningful insights into the paper, in a very understandable form. Difficult topics can be understood way better this way. I will surely include the suggestions he gave me. Please convey my apologies to sir for not having included his suggestions before.
4. Any suggestions for next year? 
Maybe a greater number of teams can improve the competitiveness and overall experience.
5. Can you describe your overall experience in a few sentences. 

This being my first research competition, has been a wholesome experience. The fact that I got to present virtually gave me another learning skill. I felt the coordinators were also really cooperative. Shaili ma’am has been there throughout. Pujan sir helped me technically. And Prof Ghosh’s insights have helped me intellectually. So it’s been a great great experience. A big thank you to all.

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