Data Analysis with R Programming

Course Name: Data Analysis with R Programming

Date: 5th – 8th June, 2020

Price: Rs 1250 + 18% GST

Learning Outcomes:

  • Hands-on experience of handling and manipulating data on R
  • Learning of different techniques of graphically visualizing data on R
  • Better understanding of statistical concepts of probability distributions, hypothesis tests and regression by learning how to apply them on real data and interpret the results and modelling economic data to understand relationships


Dr. Sandhya Krishnan

  • PhD from the University of Amsterdam
  • MA in Economics from the University of Mumbai
  • Teaches courses in the areas of applied econometrics and development economics
  • Assistant Professor at Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics, Mumbai

Dr. Ishita Ghoshal

  • PhD (Gokhale Institute of Politics & Economics, Pune), MA Economics, B.Sc. Economics Honours
  • Area of Interest in Research: Macroeconomics, International Economics, Applied Econometrics
  • Assistant Professor at Fergusson College, Pune


Students pursuing graduation and have basic knowledge of statistics, faculty & research scholar


Day 1 - Dr. Sandhya Krishnan

  • Session 1 (2:00 to 3:30) - Introduction to R (Downloading R, working on vectors, importing data, descriptive statistics, etc)
  • Session 2 (4:00 to 5:30) - Graphics with R

Day 2 - Dr. Sandhya Krishnan

  • Session 1 (11:00 to 12:30) - Probability distributions - Binomial and Poisson
  • Session 2 (2:00 to 3:30) - Probability Distributions - Normal and standard normal distribution

Day 3 - Dr. Ishita Ghoshal

  • Session 1 (11:00 to 12:30) - Hypothesis testing, Z test, chi-sq
  • Session 2 (2:00 to 3:30) - Hypothesis testing F and t distributions

Day 4 - Dr. Ishita Ghoshal

  • Session 1 (11:00 to 12:30) - OLS regression Bi-variate and multivariate regression
  • Session 2 (2:00 to 3:30) - Violation of OLS assumptions- autocorrelation, heteroskedasticity, etc.

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