Post graduate Diploma in Economics


The Post Graduate Diploma in Economics at MDAE is offered jointly with Department of Economics (Autonomous), University of Mumbai. This is will qualify as the 16th year of education.

Our unique teaching methods focus on applied learning and case studies rather than on rote learning. Students will participate in workshops and seminars with top economics and finance professionals from around the world. Given our corporate connections, students will get the opportunity to participate in live projects. Further, upon completion of the Program, we aim to provide students with internship opportunities with leading firms across the country.

The Program is meant for graduates from any discipline who have strong quantitative skills and would like to learn economics and finance to solve real world problems. The Program is also useful for young professionals who would like to develop applied post graduate economics and finance skills to further their careers.

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The program adheres to a philosophy of continuous assessment throughout the academic year to ensure that students effectively master the course materials and get enough opportunities to test their mastery. To this end, the students will be graded on the following:

  • End-of-course examination
  • Periodic problem sets
  • Writing assignments
  • Contribution to classroom discussion
  • Classroom Attendance

The precise breakup of the final course grade into these diverse components, and also the precise form that these components will assume in each course, will remain at the discretion of the faculty instructor, and will be communicated to students via the course syllabus that the instructor will hand out on the first day of the course.


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