Alumni of Year – 2021

Masters of Science in Business Analytics Northeastern University
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - Sports and fitness enthusiast
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - I like anything to do with maths. I've always found math really interesting and challenging but at the same time fun.

Teaching assistant University of California, Irvine
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - I love playing archery and participating in different debates. I have also done a volunteering ship for 3 year at ""happy home and school for the blind"".
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - Business Analytics

Associate Consultant EY
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - Fitness, football and cooking. I have volunteered with Sankalp where I was actively involved in mentoring students while researching about various opportunities that could be provided to these children in their future.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - I am highly interested in the fields of finance and economics. The world of finance provides a platform to challenge oneself in a dynamic environment, where every minor variable in the market changes every day.

Teaching assistant University of San Francisco
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - I am a Bharatanatyam dancer, an avid reader and a writer.I volunteer as a mentor and Robin at The Lighthouse Project and The Robinhood Army, respectively.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - Anchal's research interest and experience include behavioural science, and topics within the intersection of gender studies and economics. My work has been published in Firstpost, The Swaddle, Feminism in India, etc.

Trade Associate Zebpay
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  • FIELD OF INTEREST - My interest lies in the field of Finance and Economics. Financial Economics is intriguing and constantly developing, very relevant in today's world and holds importance in bringing the firm to its full potential.

Behavioural Researcher Morningstar
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - Psychology of Communication, Art & Creative interests. I have previously volunteered at Asha Ngo, Ashmita NGO and Xavier's Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged (XRCVC).
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - My interest in Business Intelligence and Strategy comes from my ability of problem solving and interpersonal skills, that can help others solve various business decisions and also grow the business. I believe that strategic decision making and Big Data play a huge role in today's industrial world.

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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - Cricket, volleyball, video games and writing analytical pieces on media.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - I am interested in the field business analytics and making use of tools like Excel or various coding languages for research and analysis.

Polling Correspondent Thomson Reuters
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - I love traveling and touring off-beat places. I am extremely passionate about my social collective that I founded in 2015, called Swachhalay.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - Macroeconomic Analysis, Public Policy and impact consulting.

Intern Phillip Capital India Pvt. Ltd.
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - I am an avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction books with an interest in reading and writing poetry as well. I am also a teaching volunteer and mentor for underprivileged kids at a student run initiative.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - I am passionate about studying the interaction of social science with finance and understanding its economic effects. I am further interested in studying Behavioural and Developmental Economics.

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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - Calisthenics
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - Power of data in businesses. The PG Diploma in Economics at MDAE gives me the right training in social sciences, data analytics and finance that helps observe the world around me in a better way.

Assistant Manager - Fixed Income Equirus Group
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  • INTERESTS/HOBBIES - I produce and record music, I have spent almost two years with The True School of Music learning production and western vocal techniques. I am highly interested in research articles and studying various deals in the current financial space.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - I am highly interested in the fields of finance and strategy as they require critical thinking and decision making skills, which I would like to develop for further advancements in the business space.

Graduate Data Analyst The Economist Intelligence Unit
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - I am an avid non-fiction reader. I love traveling and learning about new cultures and food.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - Behavioural Economics

Research Analyst- Social Sector CRISIL Limited
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - Cooking, Researching Music, Mehndi designing and curious about Mythology
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - Public Policy

Legal Intern - Assessment Juris Corp
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - Reading, Video games, cooking. Volunteer at Saturday Art Class.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - Finance is something that piqued my interest after the GFMP course at BSE and internship. Would love to explore the field more and in-depth. Behavioural Economics because it is a multidisciplinary field and the culmination of various humanities is very enticing and intriguing.

Research Analyst Infinite Sum Modelling Inc.
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - Economic history research from ancient sanskrit scriptures, writing and comparing today's economic situation. eg:Kautilya Arthashastra. Playing tabla, classical singing [training in both]. Performed kirtan [traditional art form] in schools on various current topics. Worked as a volunteer for Vishwa Hindu Parishad as a yoga and sanskrit teacher.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - My interest particularly lies in the field of international trade and how the trade is carried out with respect to the financial services. My other interest lies in the finance and banking sector specifically commercial banking.

Content Intern upGrad Work Better
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - I enjoy discussions related to Psychology and Philosophy. I am an avid reader and typically enjoy reading books related to fiction and psychology. I also enjoy baking in my free time. Volunteered as a Content Writer for Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation, which works for People with Disabilities.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - I have always been interested in the WHY behind the decision - making process. I would like to further pursue my interest in this field.

Senior Research Associate Kingfish Group
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - Art (have my own art page on Instagram), Theatre and Travelling. I worked in the theatre wing of Centre for Social Action, Bangalore to spread social awareness on topics like human trafficking and I have participated in a bike rally against human trafficking and prostitution.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - My interest lies in the Macroeconomics strategies and Financial Services, mainly Advisory caught my attention and I plan to pursue it as a career as well. I have always been fascinated by the financial market as well.

Analyst Busara Center for Behavioral Economics
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - I have been pursuing theatre for 4 years in some form or another and it continues to be a deep passion. I've volunteered at Mahila Awaaz Samaj ki Shakti Society as a Spoken English trainer and have been a member of GirlUp Roar, a United Nations Organisation subsidiary.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - Behavioural economics and public policy are fields I find interesting. I believe them to be disciplines of change, with the potential of influencing lives on a subconscious level.

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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - Reading and kickboxing. I have volunteered with Oxfam.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - Research/Consulting

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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - I am extremely passionate about reading non-fiction, and watching documentaries ranging from topics of Behavioural Economics, Financial Crime, to Social Psychology and History.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - As a student of a multidisciplinary pedagogy I believe in combining the lenses of Psychology, Economics, Political Science, and Finance to gain a transdisciplinary perspective on a situation.

Data Scientist Zebpay
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - Reading books of different genres mainly non-fiction, cycling, interested in research in health economics, development economics and data science, volunteered for a global citizen’s Green Batti project which included collecting data on infrastructure and sanitation shortcomings of government hospitals.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - I am interested in health economics and policy analysis, understanding these fields and learning about universal healthcare access and the use of technology for the same, which can help in making better decisions for the future and how resources can be allocated beforehand.

Business transformation - Strategy and Operations Deloitte
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - I enjoy Football and chess. I have volunteered with Akansha Foundation and Society for promotion of area resource centres.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - I am highly interested in the fields of public education, public health and campaign management because I think these 3 are essential things for a country to progress and I think I can make some serious changes structurally to improve our quality of education, health and political campaigning.

Senior Executive Deloitte
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - Exploring new cuisines and food joints, travelling. Mentoring students from public schools in Bihar (under a structured mentorship program) & TFI Students.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - Consulting, Development Economics, Behavioral Economics and Public Policy

Graduate Teaching Assistant The University of Texas at Dallas
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - I have trained as a classical dancer (Bharatanatyam) for eight years. I enjoy reading, writing, sketching and travelling. I am currently volunteering and teaching underprivileged kids at Teach for India.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - The possibility of analyzing infinite data and the knowledge of the outcome which is used to make data driven innovative decisions that stimulate one for further analysis of a rationale in question, is what I find most appealing about the field of 'Analytics'.

IT/AV Technician University of Maryland - Robert H. Smith School of Business ·
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - Reading, travelling, fitness, stock market, volunteered at Angels Xpress as a math and english teacher for 8th and 9th grade kids for two years.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - I am highly interested in analytics because I believe that there is a compelling need for skilled professionals who can understand data and apply it from a business point of view. I am also interested in the Finance field and aspire to amalgamate finance and analytics to help our country achieve greater financial inclusion.

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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - I have a keen interest in psychology, nutrition, and fashion. I also enjoy horse riding, skating, and dancing. I have previously worked with two NGOs that are involved in child education.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - Research, management, and analytics

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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - I enjoy reading, traveling and getting to experience different cultures, Zumba and brisk walking. I used to teach class 9 children of Regina Pacis Girls School and was a part of Project Paint - Mission to help paint classrooms of various local schools to give students a better environment to study.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - I am interested in Development and Behavioral Economics due to its endless scope and development in the field and a chance to make a real difference.

Research Manager EFR (Netherlands)-Part time
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - I enjoy Cycling and Gardening. I was a part of the Social Involvement Programme at St.Xavier's College, Mumbai.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - Many economies have grown rapidly and achieved development and welfare, but at the cost of environmental degradation. Hence, I am interested in Institutions and Sustainable Economic Growth.

Summer Intern Anand Rathi Financial Services Limited
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - I served as a volunteer as well as a coordinator at a social welfare group, CACR. I am an epicure who enjoys exploring diverse cuisines. I also have an interest in art, museums and reading.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - Financial Analysis, Risk Management, Data Science. BBA being a broad based degree exposed us to a variety of different fields of study. Of all of them, finance appealed to me the most, and I would love to build a long and successful career in the same.

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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - I love travelling, reading books, baking, watching movies and playing chess and other board games. I have volunteered at various organizations like ADAPT and the Aakansha Foundation and have also participated in the Habitat for Humanity program.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - I am interested in working as a data scientist/analyst in the marketing and travel/hospitality sectors. I feel that understanding consumer behavior through big data is something I would love to pursue as a career path.

Analyst Deloitte
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - I enjoy reading non-fiction books centred around personal and career development. I worked in sex education, community development, etc. in various NGOs around Delhi. I have also worked in various capacities including serving on the Executive Boards of Delhi chapters of international organisations like Girl Up (UN Foundation) and Rotaract Club.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - I am inspired to work in Conflict Economics and Gender.

Research Associate Aditya Birla
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  • FIELD OF INTEREST - My interests have always leaned towards producing thought, knowledge, analysing issues. I think of impact in any form to the society may it be large scale or small scale to be highly rewarding.

Data Scientist Collinson
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - A cinephile, I love watching foreign language films and I think movies are the school of life. I've seen over 450 films. I also love watching and playing cricket. The game is a thing of beauty and it teaches you a lot of stuff about life.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - Data science & Fintech - owing to my strong analytical and mathematical skills I want to use these skills in these fields and help my company grow and make the world a better place than I found it to be.

Senior Executive - Financial Advisory Deloitte
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - I am an avid reader and a writer more inclined towards literary pieces: descriptive and narratives. I also yearn to travel regularly.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - I am interested in the intersection of Economics and Finance, including Macro Strategy, Capital markets and the marriage of these fields that impact the everyday lives of the common man, firms and government.

Bachelor of Science - BS, Economics University of London
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  • FIELD OF INTEREST - I am interested in macroeconomics, development economics since it's the study of the system based on human behaviour and limited resource allocation. I am also interested in investment management and the stock market.

Analyst The Economist Intelligence Unit
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - I love engaging in philosophical and non-fictional works from niche essays by Schrodinger's to more contemporary works by Dr. Jordan Peterson. Another long time hobby of mine has been listening to podcasts and lo-fi music, an activity I indulge in every time I am at the gym, out for a run or commuting.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - Retail Technology and Energy

Analyst Busara Center for Behavioral Economics
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - I like to play table tennis. I also enjoy dabbling in musical instruments in my spare time. I used to volunteer as a teacher to kids aged 11-14 and a research mentor to younger undergraduate students.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - I am intrigued by the applications of Economics and its intersections with subjects like computer science and psychology. I am currently interested in studying the impact of changing patterns in human behavior on economic and financial decision-making.

Research Analyst Intern Infinite Sum Modelling Inc.
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - Apart from dancing, reading has always been my escape. I also enjoy exploring new music and great food. I am extremely passionate about mental health and have organised many camps for the kids with autism and other mental disabilities.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - Public policy has always attracted me as a subject because of how I can make changes at grassroots level in the society.

Research Associate Centre for Policy Research
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - I thoroughly enjoy watching movies and series, reading philosophy and spending time with nature.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - I have a deep yearning to know more about the field of policy making in the development and social sector and thereby, build a career in it.

Analyst Coalition Greenwich (a division of CRISIL)
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - Fintech, Data Coding, Biology, Fashion, Photography, Modelling, Fashion and Styling, Reading blogs and articles in any field.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - My interests heavily incline towards Finance and Technology. Growing up I have witnessed how technology has evolved, it has evolved so much that every single aspect of our life is attached to it. I want to be a part of this big world.

Senior Analyst Aon
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - Interested in reading, photography, swimming and research. I try to volunteer with organisations and communities from time to time. I have had the opportunity to teach three girls in Gular, Uttarakhand with remote access towards resources.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - I am keen on Research on Educational, Environmental and Gender Policy and Developmental Studies. I feel that these fields provide a perfect balance of analysis and creativity and hence I nurture a genuine passion for them.

Trade Associate Leading Crypto Exchange
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - Reading and writing
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - Data Analysis and Finance as it satisfies my curiosity on how data can be analysed and converted into something meaningful and further used for Eg. in Financial Markets.

ESG Research Analyst Akadia
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - I enjoy reading, listening to music and baking.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - I am keen on working in analytics and market research as I would love to look at complex data and understand it.

International Master in Business SDA Bocconi Asia Center
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - Been a part of the Chalo English Sikhaye Drive to teach basic English in government schools.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - Data Analytics, Finance, Consulting

Policy Analyst Dvara Research
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - I am an aspiring polyglot who likes linguistics. I am conversant in Japanese and enjoy playing the guitar. I have also volunteered with organisations such as CRY- Child Rights and You.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - I want to explore careers in the intersection of data analytics, finance and public policy in a microfinance institution or as a consultant

Research Analyst Open Health Evidence & Access
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - I taught at a low-income private school in a marginalized community in Pune during my fellowship at Teach for India has helped me engage with multiple stakeholders in both private and public sector, from corporate fundraising at Bajaj for my Skill Development Project to implementing the RTE 12-C education policy.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - To understand the reverberation/ cause-effects of sustainable development/ climate change and public education on poverty alleviation.

Research Analyst Swiss Learning Exchange
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - Listening to diverse podcasts and 70's music, reading all the newspapers and books I can find, and dancing my heart out.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - I have always been curious about the connection between behavioural aspects of the human mind and its implications on the everyday decisions people make, especially at the grassroots level. Ergo, my passion for the field of behavioural economics combined with my aspiration to alleviate poverty came to fruition.

Operational Analyst ZebPay
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - Sketching, Painting, Singing and Playing the Guitar. I was a Teaching Assistant at Kotak Education Foundation.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - I am interested in Business Analytics as I would like to work in analysing business data and study its applications on business strategies. Apart from that I am also interested in behavioural sciences and their applications in marketing and advertising.

Business Analyst ZebPay
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  • FIELD OF INTEREST - Sports Analytics, I've always been involved in sports and have since I've built up an interest in the application and importance of Analytics in various facets of a sport, from preparation, recruitment to actual performance

Equity Research Analyst J P Morgan
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - Music and Quantitative Techniques. I led the Rotaract Club of Mumbai Western Elite as a Vice President 2019-2020. I have also formed a team and worked on a project 'Awaaz' for Rural Village Development in Aarey Colony to create an impact.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - Interested in Capital Markets as each day is different and exciting. When other people trust you with their money, you become responsible in life. Markets help understand the real meaning of risk, and it tests your nerves and brings out the best in you.

Graduate Research Analyst The Economist Intelligence Unit
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  • INTERESTS/ HOBBIES - An outdoor enthusiast, I find my creative expression through music. I love reading articles on advances in science and technology. I have volunteered at Doorstep School, a primary education-focused NGO.
  • FIELD OF INTEREST - Development Economics and Behavioral Sciences

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