Aakanksha Rao
PGP in Economics
  • Aakanksha is an avid skater, singer, and a nature lover. She is also a gourmand.

  • Consulting, Financial Services/Banking, Economic Analysis, and Social Services.

  • Going ahead, Aakanksha wants to work in consulting and financial services for the betterment of the society.

Abhishek Vajjala
PGP in Economics
B. A.
  • A history buff, Abhishek loves learning about periods of conflict. He truly enjoys learning about major crises and incidents to better understand the world around us.

  • Behavioural economics and finance.

  • Abhishek plans to take up a job, but, if possible, he would like to continue exploring and learning in-depth about economics.

Aditya Rajesh Pawar
PGP in Data Science & Finance
B.Sc of Mathematics
  • Aditya loves playing football, watching esports, and listening to music.
  • Data Analysis, Data Science, Machine Learning, Corporate finance.
  • Aditya plans to get a job as a data analyst and then eventually turn into a data scientist. He also intends to get a specialisation in a similar field simultaneously.
Advitthya Suvarna
PGP in Economics
B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering
  • Advitthya describes himself as a problem solver and a strategist. Apart from academia, his interests are in film, health and sports, and he spends some hours daydreaming about a world without borders and cruelty.
  • He’s interested in Product Development, Consulting and Data Science.
  • Advitthya is looking for his first professional experience.
Akshita Khajuria
PGP in Economics
B.A. (Hons.) in Economics
  • Akshita loves reading books and writing poems in English, Hindi, and Urdu. She is a foodie and enjoys exploring new cuisines and restaurants.
  • Development Economics, Consulting, Public policy.
  • Akshita plans on working in Management Consulting organizations and gaining experience in different fields not limited to but including the social sector.
Amol Dongre
PGP in Economics
CA, CS & CFA Level 2 Candidate
  • Stock market investment is Amol’s passion. Reading books on finance, economics & investment, travelling, photography, and cooking fill his hobby bucket.
  • Equity Research.
  • Amol would like to work as an equity research analyst and then pursue an M.Sc. in financial economics. 
Ankitha Partheeban
PGP in Data Science & Finance
B.A (Hons.) in Economics
  • Ankitha loves reading, baking, and reading up about sports analytics.
  • Risk management, data, quantitative finance, and financial analysis.
  • Ankitha would like to work in the financial markets space before going on to pursue a master’s in finance.
Aparna Krishnan
PGP in Economics
B.COM (Hons.)
  • Aparna loves playing all kinds of sports, mainly football and ultimate frisbee. She also loves travelling; she believes that it gives an unrivalled amount of exposure.
  • Financial consultancy, Economic Planning, Data analytics, Public Policy.
  • Aparna would like to explore a career at the confluence of Data analytics and Public Policy. She also intends to explore her interests in behavioural economics.
Ashna Desai
PGP in Economics
B.A in Economics
  • Ashna loves learning new languages. She is fluent in German and has intermediate competence in Spanish and Italian. She is also a musician who plays the guitar and the violin.
  • Management consulting, the stock market and securities, human resources, and business/financial writing.
  • Ashna intends to work in any of the aforementioned areas, after which she plans to pursue an MBA.
Chetan Sinha
PGP in Data Science & Finance
B.A in Economics
  • Chetan enjoys reading non-fiction, listening to music and podcasts, and getting his share of scrumptious food.
  • Data Analytics, Finance.
  • Chetan intends to work in a tech consulting or a product related role.
Chetna Malik
PGP in Data Science & Finance
M.A. Economics
  • Chetna loves listening to Qawwalis. She also practises the art of calligraphy in her free time.
  • Economic Research, Data Analytics, Development Economics, Financial Modelling.
  • Chetna would like to work once she finishes her PGP in Data Science and Finance at MDAE.
Devanshi Mehadia
PGP in Economics
B.A in Psychology, Economics & Marketing
  • Devanshi loves sketching and pursues it at every given opportunity.
  • Behavioural Economics, Public Policy.
  • Devanshi wishes to work as a Public Policy officer or as a Behavioural researcher.
Dhruvi shah
PGP in Economics
B.A (Hons.) in Economics
  • Singing and playing instruments are Dhruvi’s go-to hobbies. She also enjoys reading, especially about behavioural economics and finance.
  • Finance, behavioural economics, public policy, data analytics.\
  • Dhruvi would like to get work ex in a corporate before going on to pursue a master’s in economics.
PGP in Economics
B.A (Hons.) in Economics
  • Divyam enjoys Hiking, Diving, other Adventure Sports and Travelling. He also enjoys both learning and listening to music, Reading fiction and non-fiction, as well as History and Politics as subjects.
  • Policy, Political Economy, Micro/Macroeconomics, Data/Programming
  • Divyam plans to work, gain skills, and experience; post which, he wishes to study further.
Gottumukkala Pranav
PGP in Economics
B.A (Hons.) in Economics
  • Pranav enjoys playing Football and watching sports. Finance, economics, and astronomy podcasts are his favourite. He also indulges in traversing in the realm of stock markets.
  • Financial Economics, Macroeconomics, Data Science.
  • Pranav would love to explore roles in the fields of Financial Research and Consulting. There on, he would like to transition into the Data science field. He also plans on pursuing a M. Sc. in Financial Economics.
Harsh Utpal Oza
PGP in Data Science & Finance
B.Tech in Automobile Engineering
  • Harsh is a keen enthusiast of football, badminton, and motorsports. 
  • The Auto Sector, especially the onset of autonomous vehicles.
  • Harsh would like to explore career opportunities as a data analyst in the automobile industry.
Hiloni Desai
PGP in Data Science & Finance
  • Hiloni loves exploring different cuisines the most. She is passionate about travelling, cooking, music, and watching movies.
  • Data Science, Finance.
  • Hiloni aims to work in a growth-oriented organisation, perform challenging tasks, and contribute to the organisation’s goals and objectives. She wishes to transform herself in the vast financial sector with critical skills that will add value to her practical knowledge.
Ishita Bansal
PGP in Economics
B.A (HONS.) in Economics
  • Ishita loves watching movies, writing poetry, and listening to music. Greek mythology has her fascination too. She enjoys the process of content ideation and loves to explore the world of marketing with her own creative twist.
  • Data analytics, Macroeconomics
  • Ishita aims to gain suitable work experience in the ever-growing field of Data and would later love to pursue a master’s degree from abroad.
Janvi Panani
PGP in Economics
BMS in Finance
  • Janvi is an avid reader. She also has a keen interest in languages and holds an intermediate proficiency in Spanish. In her free time, she likes to make digital stickers for fun.
  • Core economics and data sciences.
  • Janvi intends to work after the completion of her PGP in Economics.
Karan Dilip Wadekar
PGP in Data Science & Finance
B.Sc in Mathematics
  • In his spare time, Karan enjoys teaching Math and Physics to students. He loves building intuition around complex topics and simplifying the learning process.
  • Data Science, Quant Finance.
  • Post his PGP in Data Science & Finance, Karan’s goal is to work for one of the big four consulting firms within their Data Science/Quant Finance departments.
Kaustubh Jadhav
PGP in Economics
  • Kaustubh loves football, music, and Doctor Who. He religiously follows Arsenal Football Club (both men’s and women’s teams). Attending concerts is one of the most joyous things for him. He also takes his daily coffee intake very seriously.
  • Public Policy, Renewable Energy
  • He intends to get some work experience in the field of Public Policy. His ultimate dream is to make his native village in Sangli, Maharashtra, run entirely on renewable energy.
Kevin Abraham Koshy
PGP in Economics
B.A (Hons.) in Economics
  • Kevin surrounds himself with new economic thought through reading. He also enjoys sports like football and badminton.
  • Economics, Programming.
  • Kevin is interested in pursuing roles in data analytics.
Krithika Ramnath
PGP in Economics
B.A in Economics
  • Krithika is passionate about languages, music and playing the guitar. In her free time, she enjoys writing and researching.
  • Data analysis and econometric modelling, public policy, research.
  • Krithika plans on getting critical working experience after her time at MDAE.
Kshitij Sanjeev
PGP in Economics
B.A in Economics, Political Science, Sociology
  • Kshitij is a fitness enthusiast, a bibliophile (especially for non-fiction), and a blogger. He also enjoys political conversations and discussions.
  • Applied, Neuro-, and Behavioural economics. International Political economy, Econometrics, Policy.
  • Kshitij wants to pursue a master’s degree and figure out what kind of skillset he wants to build in which niche area.
PGP in Economics
B.A (Hons.) in Economics
  • Mahek loves gardening and indulges in it whenever she has free time.
  • Data analysis, research.
  • Mahek intends to work, ideally in the banking sector, after the course.
Manali Vaidya
PGP in Economics
B.A in Economics
  • Manali enjoys reading about History and Politics. She indulges in Sports and spends her time baking, reading, and singing.
  • Finance, Behavioural Finance, Market Research, Economic Research.
  • Manali would like to work in a consultancy or research profile for 2 years and then pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration.
Muskan Mundra
PGP in Economics
B.A (Hons.) in Economics
  • Music, swimming, her guitar, travelling, quizzing, and tweeting, put a smile on Muskan’s face.
  • Behavioural Economics, Economics of Development, Statistical Analysis, Public Policy.
  • Following her post-graduation in Economics at MDAE, Muskan plans on gaining some work-ex. Post that, she intends to pursue further studies in economics of development or public policy.
Narayanan P
PGP in Economics
B.Tech in Civil Engineering
  • Narayanan loves basketball and football, along with behavioural sciences, languages, culture, and mythology.
  • Behavioural research, public policy, data analytics.
  • Narayanan intends to find a job in the domain of behavioural research or public policy. He would also like to pursue higher education from a reputable university abroad after gaining some experience.
Natasha Daruwalla
PGP in Economics
B.A in Economics
  • Natasha is interested in creative and analytical writing, and crafts. She is also an avid reader.
  • Finance, consulting.
  • Natasha plans to pursue professional opportunities as a consultant.
Ojas More
PGP in Economics
B.A Economics
  • Ojas indulges in the arts via books, web series, movies, and music.
  • Finance, Behavioural Economics
  • Ojas is open to opportunities of both work and further education.
Palak Gupta
PGP in Economics
B.Sc in Finance
  • Being a sporty person, Palak is enthusiastic about playing all sorts of sports, but basketball has most of her heart. She also enjoys travelling, watching movies, working with kids, and volunteering at NGOs as an English teacher.
  • Finance, Behavioural Economics, Data Analytics.
  • Palak would like to work in the field of economics or finance.
Palak Mehta
PGP in Economics
B.Sc in Economics
  • Palak is an adventure seeker. She has travelled across countries and has gotten her share of thrill from scuba diving, skydiving, and hiking, to name a few.
  • Economics, Business, and Analytics.
  • As a believer of living in the moment, Palak has kept her options open. She is applying for both, a master’s studies in the US and will also be looking for a job.
Pramit Mohanta
PGP in Economics
B.A in Economics
  • Pramit loves football and is a die-hard Manchester City fan. Gaming, reading, and travel fill the rest of his hobby bucket.
  • Finance, consulting, banking, data science.
  • Pramit wants to work for 2-3 years before flying off to foreign shores to study further.
Priyesh Tripathi
PGP in Data Science & Finance
M.A in Economics
  • Priyesh is an all-rounder. He is proficient in playing rhythm instruments, loves cooking, travelling, and volunteering for good causes.
  • Economics, Finance, Data Science, Politics, Sociology, and History.
  • Priyesh will be looking to hone his acquired skill sets in research within the economics domain with special emphasis on finance.
Raashika Moudgill
PGP in Economics
B.A in Economics
  • Raashika is an artist. As an abstract painter, her stages of expression are canvas and acrylics; as a dancer, her canvases are ballet, contemporary, and jazz. She is also an avid reader and cannot leave her house without a book in tow!
  • Public Policy, Development Economics, Data Analytics.
  • After completing her PGP in Economics at MDAE, Raashika would like to work in the field of public policy.
Raj Ravariya
PGP in Economics
B.Sc in Physics
  • Raj enjoys reading about personal finance, business, and Macroeconomics trends. Apart from this, he loves travelling, especially trekking.
  • Business Analysis and Investments, Macroeconomics, Finance
  • Raj is keeping the options of getting an internship or a job in his respective interests and further studies. He is simultaneously preparing for his MBA exams.
Ritika Agrawal
PGP in Economics
B.A (Hons.) Economics
  • Ritika spends her free time getting knowledge and fun from reading and getting healthier with yoga.
  • Finance, Data Analytics, Consulting.
  • Ritika wants to work in the field of finance, data analytics, or fintech after completion of her course at MDAE. Thereafter, she plans to pursue an MBA.
Rutuja Rajesh Gole
PGP in Economics
B.A in Economics
  • Rutuja is passionate about cooking. In her free time she enjoys reading and dancing.
  • Development Economics – especially economics of poverty and inequality, education.
  • Rutuja would like to work in Public Policy and research after MDAE. Thereafter she plans to pursue Master’s in Economics. Her aim is to contribute to education of as many under-priviledged children as possible.
Samruddhi Phatak
PGP in Economics
B.A in Economics
  • Samruddhi is a trained Indian classical vocalist and a theatre actor too. She is also passionate about trekking, adventure sports, and athletics.
  • Finance, economics, macroeconomics.
  • Samruddhi’s goal after the course is to get a hands-on practical experience of working in the financial industry before pursuing a master’s degree.
Sarah Doctor
PGP in Economics
B.A in Economics
  • Sarah enjoys playing the classical Piano, brewing delicious kombucha, and solving the New York Times Crossword.
  • Developmental Economics, Nordic Model of Capitalism, Data-driven decision making.
  • Gaining corporate experience in order to apply her learnings, gain T-shaped skills, and further her understanding of organisations is Sarah’s plan.
Sneha Tandon
PGP in Data Science & Finance
B.A in Economics and Statistics
  • Sneha loves travelling, reading, cooking, and binge watching shows.
  • Data Analytics, Finance, Economics, Statistics.
  • Sneha would like to work for few years and then pursue her master’s degree.
Shreyas Bharadwaraj
PGP in Economics
  • Shreyas’ primary hobby is research into the emergence of caste as a system of social organization in the Indian subcontinent.

  • State Capacity in India, Urbanization in India.

  • Shreyas wishes to explore the consultancy space in India, especially the governance consulting portion of it. Further, he wants to ramp up his involvement in ppgf.in.

Souvik Dey
PGP in Data Science & Finance
M.A in Economics
  • Souvik loves cricket and football and reading non-fiction books. He writes poems in his free time.
  • Finance. Economics, as well as their intersection with business.
  • Souvik plans to work in the Financial Market or in the Fintech sector where he will be required to put his analysis and insights in order to find solutions.
Spandan Bhattacharya
PGP in Economics
B.Eng in Mechanical
  • Spandan enjoys listening to post rock music and cooking. He also likes reading, especially non-fiction.
  • Financial engineering, Data Analytics, Macroeconomics.
  • Spandan wishes to work in a dynamic and intellectually challenging environment, where he can create value for the firm and develop his skill sets with new tools and tech
Srushti Malde
PGP in Economics
B.A in Economics and Philosophy
  • Srushti is a dessert snob. She bakes and experiments with crazy amounts of dishes. She has an immense love for all desserts. When not baking, you will find her painting, listening to podcasts, or gardening.
  • Public Policy, Behavioural Economics, and Data Analytics.
  • Srushti plans to pursue further studies in her fields of interest in the USA, where she can use the knowledge and skills gained from MDAE.
Swetlana Fernandes
PGP in Data Science & Finance
B.Sc Economics & Finance
  • In her downtime, Swetlana enjoys writing, baking, reading, travelling, and spending time outdoors.
  • Big data, data security, economic sustainability, corporate leadership, and green investments.
  • After competing this course, Swetlana aims to begin her career as a junior employee in the field of consulting and data analytics.
Venkatmahesh kakulla
PGP in Data Science & Finance
  • Venkatmahesh loves reading books. He also likes doing community work and is currently teaching 12th standard students from the underprivileged sections of the society.
  • Banking and finance, investment banking, analysis.
  • Venkatmahesh plans to work after the completion of his course at MDAE.
Yash Trivedi
PGP in Data Science & Finance
  • Yash is a football fanatic, a proficient badminton player, and an avid runner.
  • Cryptocurrency, start-ups, capital market, and self-finance products.
  • Yash plans on getting a hands-on experience in the corporate world.
Yash Wagle
PGP in Economics
  • Yash has a huge appetite for all kinds of information. He is a passionate sportsperson and also wishes to see the world.
  • Entrepreneurship, behavioural economics, psychology, and public development.
  • Yash wishes to pursue a master’s course in a foreign place and culture. Though, he believes that plans are always malleable.