Post Graduate Diploma in Economics Entrance Test

Syllabus for the entrance exam

The Entrance test will comprise of 45 questions equally distributed among 3 sections – Math, Logic & undergraduate level Economics and will be for a duration of 1 hour.

Questions will be in MCQ manner. No negative markings & use of calculators is allowed.

Mentioned below are a few recommended readings which will help you prepare for the Entrance test,

Math & Logic Section:

  1. The Math & logic section will be on the lines of a GMAT / GRE examinations, hence you can refer to last few years question papers of those examinations.

Economics Section:

  1. Students who have their academic background in economics can refer to their Microeconomics & Macroeconomics textbook of their undergraduate course.
  • Students who do not have an academic background in economics can refer to a book “Economics – by Paul Samuelson & William Nordhaus”. Up till now 19 editions of the same book have come out, you can refer to any edition which is easily available, as there is barely any difference in its content. Mentioned textbook has been divided into 2 sections, Microeconomics & Macroeconomics, we recommend you to read at least first 5 – 6 chapters of each section in order to prepare for Economics section of the entrance test.
Link for the Sample paper
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