Mumbai, Maharashtra

Education Background

BA Economics (Hons) from Christ University, Bangalore

Interests/ Hobbies

Art (have my own art page on Instagram), Theatre and Travelling. I worked in the theatre wing of Centre for Social Action, Bangalore to spread social awareness on topics like human trafficking and I have participated in a bike rally against human trafficking and prostitution.

Field of Interest

My interest lies in the Macroeconomics strategies and Financial Services, mainly Advisory caught my attention and I plan to pursue it as a career as well. I have always been fascinated by the financial market as well.

Post MDAE Plans

I wish to gain work experience in the field of finance from a reputable and good organisation. Further, I plan to do a Msc in Finance and Economics after having an on the job experience.

Research Experience / Projects

  1. The Impact of Economic Indicators such as Inflation, Gross Domestic Product growth rate and Foreign Direct Investment inflows in India on NIFTY50