Mumbai, Maharashtra

Education Background

Bachelor of Arts (Economics), Sophia College of Women, Mumbai. Operations Analyst in the Corporate & Investment Banking Division of JP Morgan and Chase, Mumbai


I was selected for a selective co-curricular research program - Excellence in Arts Programme (EXAP) at Sophia College, Mumbai. I also secured the KC Mahindra Scholarship for securing the overall top rank in the programme

Interests/ Hobbies

Exploring new cuisines and food joints, travelling. Mentoring students from public schools in Bihar (under a structured mentorship program) & TFI Students.

Field of Interest

Consulting, Development Economics, Behavioral Economics and Public Policy

Post MDAE Plans

Working in Management Consulting organizations to gain experience across multiple sectors, including but not limited to Social Impact/Development Sectors.

Research Experience / Projects

  1. I evaluated the impact of Government of India’s Mid-Day Meal Scheme as a developmental and behavioural public policy
  2. I am currently working on research on Financial Inclusion for Women in India.