8 top-paying jobs with PG in Economics & what you need to do to grab them

Posted on: 2022-05-27 16:49:36
Economics is the study that analyses the demand for goods, supply, production, and wealth. The primary aim of this study is to understand how people, corporations, and governments of the world make financial decisions. Due to the expanding world economy, there are endless possibilities in this field today. Economic studies are beneficial because they provide insight into how corporations and countries spend money. The PGD in Economics uniquely positions students in an ever-changing world due to their problem-solving and analytical skills that prepare them for a wide range of careers. An economics degree prepares students to deal with unexpected changes and take advantage of unanticipated opportunities.

    Here are some of the high paying economic jobs:

  • Teaching:

It is a good option for people who want to share their knowledge with future generations and earn money. It is one of the professions where you learn about new concepts, ideas, and innovations in every field on a regular basis. Most young people consider this a dream job because it gives them a good balance between freedom, respect, and financial stability.
  • Indian Economic Services (IES):

The IES is one of the most reputed job options for Indians. To become an IES, one has to give IES exam conducted by UPSC. After selection, the candidate can get into economic planning and analysis in the planning commissions for the Indian government. They may also get posted in Planning Board, Ministry of Economic Affairs, National Sample Survey, and other departments. An IES job is perfect for someone who wants to earn money and gain respect in society.
  • Professional Economist: 

    A Professional Economist's job is to curate meaningful data for their clients. They analyze available data to arrive at a point of balance. After analyzing the demand and supply of various goods and services, they can later convert that information into meaningful data that helps their clients make financial decisions.

  • Financial Analyst:

    Financial analysts are responsible for overseeing the preparation of periodic financial analyses of actual versus budgeted variables, preparing the budget for the smooth functioning of financial resources, and allocating resources of the corporation using different tools. Accounting is another area where they have a lot of scope.

  • Research Associate:

    Graduates of the PGD Economics program can pursue a career in economics research and become Research Associates. They collect data, forecast future trends, and analyze economic and statistical data on a daily basis. These professionals can work for consulting firms or freelance as economic researchers. Typically, economic advisors specialize in specific areas such as financial services, labor, market analysis, telecommunications, etc.

  • Investment Analyst:

    An Investment Analyst is a person who has a thorough understanding of collecting and abstracting data about different types of shares, evaluating the data based on their own experience in the market, and making decisions about whether to buy, sell, or hold those securities. In general, they analyze securities of a particular industry or region. Stocks, currencies, and bonds are among the securities they analyze. Anyone interested in working in the stock market and learning the complete functioning of the market should apply for this job.

  • Marketing Manager:

    Marketing managers are responsible for understanding markets and market trends, understanding the moves of their competitors, and understanding their target audience. The marketing manager must use all of this information to create a marketing strategy to attract potential customers and also maintain the trust and interest of existing customers. In addition, their job is to create a brand image, brand awareness, and goodwill for the company they work for. This job is for people who love to think of creative ways to interact with customers and build a business.

  • Data Analyst:

    A Data Analyst collects data from a variety of sources and helps corporations and governments make business decisions. Additionally, they must understand patterns and current trends to predict future market trends and make plans for the smooth functioning of their organization. This job is for you if you enjoy analyzing data and generating meaningful insights.
Having a PGD in Economics opens up a world of opportunities. MDAE offers a one-year specialized Post-Graduate Diploma in Economics and Data Science & Finance, modeled after those at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in Oxford, one of the world's most prestigious schools. The majority of our faculty members have diverse backgrounds and believe in modern and practical teaching methods. After completing our program, we want to produce candidates ready to enter the workforce. Our alumni work at some of the country's largest companies.
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Written by- Omkar Shraddha Dharmapal Manjrekar
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