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Posted on: 2022-07-12 14:42:41

Earlier, people had to choose from very few career options because of the selective number of job opportunities in the market, such as Engineering, Law, Medical, Finance, etc. With the emergence of so many big corporations and the increasing literacy rate, students are becoming more aware of new job roles. With that knowledge, students can now specialize in the fields of their interest and become top experts in their fields. Data Science, Finance, Public Policy, and IT are some of the hot job markets in this country.  Today, because of the internet and liberalization, the need for structured policy has become very strong for governments and corporations. Consequently, today's youth are becoming more interested in Public Policy.

What is Public Policy?

A government's public policy consists of laws, regulations, and instructions given to the citizens for their benefit. Governmental policy determines the fate of the laws passed by the government, the allocation of the nation's resources for development projects, and other issues of concern for the country.  When making policies about the education sector of our country, the government can consult top experts in the field of education from our own country. They can also consult foreign experts to improve the education policy of our country. The goal is to create a solid and sustainable education policy.  A country's public policy helps it regulate the international trade sector as well as all the other ways of doing business.

Career options for Public Policy graduates are as follows:

Research and Development: Before entering a new market or launching a brand-new product, every local and international company needs to conduct research and development. Any company entering a new market or launching a brand-new product should thoroughly understand the policies surrounding that region. In recent years, many large corporations in India and abroad have begun outsourcing their public policy research to independent research centers, which has increased the number of independent research centers. Therefore, a graduate of Public Policy can do R&D for a corporation, government, or independent research center.
Teaching: Our society considers teaching to be one of the most prestigious professions. If you want a balanced income with respect in society, then teaching Public Policy is the career path for you. Upon graduating from a Public Policy program, an individual can pursue a Ph.D. in Public Policy. Ph.D. graduates are placed in some of the country's most prestigious universities and institutes.
Government Job: In the public sector, there is a greater need for people with a degree in Public Policy. Graduates in public policy can work in Public Administration, Political Science, Administration, Law, Management, International Relations, Geography, Economics, Science, Math, Statistics, Environment, and Social Sciences. In India, there is much development going on right now, and the state and national governments need graduates in Public Policy to help with urban and rural planning. To land a government job, a Public Policy graduate can apply online or sit for government job exams.
Business Management: Due to the growing number of successful startups in our country, the youth have become very interested in starting their businesses. Understanding laws and government policies is essential for a business owner. A lack of awareness can be detrimental to the survival of any business. Consequently, a person with a background in public policy can be successful in a management role. Additionally, a person with a Public Policy background can easily develop policies that will help their business grow.
Public Policy Analyst: Public policy analysts research and analyze data to understand the flaws in current policies, understand the need for potential policies, and find solutions to social problems. If you are interested in data collection, critical thinking, and communication, then you are the right candidate for the position of Public Policy Analyst.
Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics offers a Certificate Program in Sustainability and Public Policy. Through the lens of Public Policy, the course provides a good foundation for understanding climate change. In addition to climate change and public policy knowledge, we aim to develop core skills in our students such as impact evaluation, data science, behavioral science, and experimental methods. Our esteemed faculty members hail from diverse backgrounds and have earned their PhDs from prestigious institutions such as IIT Bombay, University of Amsterdam, etc. Participants may be undergraduate, postgraduate, and early-career researchers and working professionals in the social impact, non-profit, civil society, or development consulting sectors.
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Written by- Omkar Shraddha Dharmapal Manjrekar
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