Importance of practical learning before joining the workforce

Posted on: 2022-07-04 13:11:48
According to the India Skills Report (ISR) published in 2021, most graduates are unemployable after graduation. It is due to the lack of skills, industry exposure, career guidance, confidence issues, and specialized knowledge needed for the job.  The key to solve this problem is ‘practical, industry relevant education’.  Unfortunately the universities and educational institutions in India are bound to follow rigid patterns of syllabus and course structure and are unable to provide practical guidance to their students to make them job ready. At MDAE, our 1 year, full-time PG programme is designed to upskill these students with industry relevant practical education.

Here’s How Practical Education Play A Pivotal Role In Your Career:

  • Enhanced Skill Set:

     The benefit of practical learning is that students learn the theoretical part of their course, but they learn its practical applications in the real world. While joining any corporation, a student needs to have a theoretical understanding, but more than that, they need to know how to apply those theories in their work. Practical learning helps a student fill that gap for the students.
  • Improves Comprehension: 

    It is easy to learn something in a classroom, write a paper and get a certificate. But doing that most certainly won't prepare a person for the real-world application. For example, a chef can give a written exam for the baking class and get a certificate stating they know how to prepare baked food, and maybe, they would make a decent cake in real life. But, with practical learning and some experience, that same person will be able to make a better cake. 
  • Improved Retention of Information: 

    In the past, many studies have proved that people tend to retain information when they learn about those things in a practical setting. Our brain tries to memorize information when we learn new things in a theoretical method but finds it easier to retain information that we learned while doing a task in a practical setting. Therefore, many people tend to learn things at a job, which has led to Post Graduation institutions making internships mandatory before graduating from their institute. It helps students to be completely ready before joining the workforce. 
  • Make a significant impact:

    Practical learning helps students attain an in-depth knowledge of the field of their interest. Students get to interact with real-life situations and devise solutions to them. A student can use this to prepare for a career in the future. A well-trained student can significantly impact the field where they are employed. With practical learning, students are on a pedestal when they enter the workforce, and if they take advantage of it well, they can make a significant impact.
  • Problem-Solving Abilities:

     While in college, students learn different theoretical concepts and the history of everything. But book knowledge doesn't prepare students for the problems that arrive at the last moment while doing any job. Practical learning puts the students in different situations, and they learn how to do various tasks and learn how to solve and anticipate the problems that arrive at the last moment. 
  • Self-Discipline: 

    In practical learning, students get to learn things from industry experts, visit different industries, and learn extensively during the internship period of their course. During their internship period, students learn how to manage their time, behave in a working environment, etc. In the end, all of these factors contribute to the employee's productivity and the company's growth. Apart from that, discipline is beneficial to one's personal life.
With the help of our esteemed faculty, we have created Specialized 1-year Post Graduate Diploma courses in Economics, and Data Science & Finance, modeled after those at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in Oxford, one of the world's most prestigious schools. Our faculty are industry experts who have solid experience in their respective fields. They have attained their education from some of the most respected educational institutes, such as IIT Bombay and the University of Amsterdam. Our alumni work at some of the big corporations operating in this country. MDAE aims to train each student to become ready for the workforce by the end of their year at MDAE.
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Written by- Omkar Shraddha Dharmapal Manjrekar
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