MBA? or PG Diploma in Economics? Which one is better for you?

Posted on: 2022-05-23 12:27:46
Today, it has become difficult for aspirants to get a job after completing their graduate degrees. The job market is immensely competitive, and talent is abundant. To get ahead of the competition and stand out in the crowd of talent, one has to opt for higher education after their graduation. But students find it extremely difficult to choose between an MBA and PG Diploma in Economics. It happens especially with the students who wish to pursue their careers in finance. In this blog, we will try to make your decision process simpler by explaining to you the benefits of both courses. You can choose the one that best suits you.

Difference between an MBA and PG Diploma in Economics:

The main difference between an MBA and PG Diploma in Economics is that in an MBA, the student gets a vast understanding of how to manage a business, while with a PG Diploma in Economics, the student gets specialized theoretical knowledge of the economy. For example, an MBA will have to sit for one economics class in their entire course. But, a PG Diploma in Economics student will have to learn and understand economic topics such as Applied Microeconomics, Advanced Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Public Policy, Behavioral and Experimental Economics, etc. Therefore, an MBA is a perfect course for people who want to pursue a career related to business management, and a PG Diploma in Economics is an appropriate course for students who would like to pursue their careers focusing on economics theories and principles.

How to decide between PG Diploma in Economics and MBA?

The best way to decide is to get clarity on what kind of career the student desires to have in the future. The student who aspires to a career in business management and is interested in learning about different ways to do business should opt for an MBA. But if the student wants to make their career in Public Policy, Research, or Consulting, or if they desire to continue their study and pursue a Ph.D. in Economics, then PGD in Economics is an appropriate choice for them. If we compare the time taken to complete the course and the fees, there is not much difference. So, in the end, the student's interest is the only deciding factor.

What can you do after PG Diploma in Economics?

An MBA graduate can make a career in the management aspect of any business. But a PG Diploma in Economics student can choose from a wide range of career options such as Data Analyst, Equity Analyst, Professional Economist for governments and corporations, Financial Planner, etc. Post Graduation Diploma in Economics provides students with specialized knowledge that companies, non-profits, think tanks, and government agencies need to help them formulate policies and make decisions. Students who want to pursue their careers in teaching can also opt for a teaching job after completing their diplomas.

Is a Post-Graduation Diploma in Economics worth it?

Today, when the job market is so competitive, and when students have the freedom to choose from so many different courses in different streams, it has become essential for students to pursue Post Graduation to get a job. A PG Diploma in Economics gives you access to the top employers in the country and abroad. It also provides you with thorough expertise in various theories in economics. PG Diploma in Economics will add significant value to your profile when you apply for jobs in large corporations. MDAE offers a 1-year flagship specialized Diploma in Economics. Our flagship PGP in Economics Diploma is designed to give you the correct quantitative, analytical, and data skills to begin your career as a market economist with banks, governments, multilateral institutions, think tanks, or other private companies. Our expert faculty believe in practical methods of teaching economics and aims to prepare you for the job market. We give 100% placement assistance, and our alumni work at some of the prominent establishments in this country.
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Written by- Omkar Shraddha Dharmapal Manjrekar
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