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Posted on: 2022-07-07 14:44:48
Every academic year, thousands of prospects apply to top universities to get a degree and make their future. The competition to get admission is so much that only one out of 20 students gets selected. Apart from scoring impressive marks on student profiles, the universities also look at some other things while shortlisting students for their degree programs.

Following are some of the things students should look out for to secure their place at their dream university:

  • Score high in your exams:

To be eligible for top international universities, students appear for exams such as GMAT, MCAT, SAT, etc. Scoring is essential in these exams because most universities decide the eligibility by looking at these scores. Consistent grades are crucial over the years of your education. Academic consistency is a good indicator of your future.
  • Don't make the mistake of choosing the wrong subjects:

While applying for top international universities, always make sure that you choose the correct combination of subjects. For example, a student pursuing engineering will have to study physics, and a student pursuing medicine has to study chemistry and biology. The prerequisites for most degree courses are different, so make sure you cover the basics of your targeted field.
  • Develop your personality and overall skills: 

It is essential to improve our overall personality when applying to a foreign university and in life. A charismatic personality makes you stand out in a crowd. Apart from that, attaining different skill sets is also crucial. For example, many students get selected for foreign universities because of their background in sports. It increases your chances of getting into university 400 times. Other skills that might help are visual arts, music, dance, theatre, school newspaper, computer programming, chess club, building robots, speech, debate, etc.
  • Write an excellent essay:

During admissions, prospective students have to write essays that reflect their personality. Before physically going to the university, it is the only way for folks at your dream university to know you. Write an open-minded and pragmatic essay in a simple and easy-to-understand language. Be clear about why you are the right candidate to get a seat in that particular university and prove to them what a career in that field means to you.
  • Prepare for the interview:

Getting shortlisted for an interview at a top university is good news. It means they like your application and essay and consider you a serious candidate. Make sure you prepare well for that interview because, at this stage, the only thing between you and your dream university is the conversation between you and the interviewer. Make sure to highlight your strengths without sounding like you are bragging and be honest about your plans. In case you feel nervous, give mock interviews.
  • Get a Recommendation:

It is helpful to have a recommendation when applying to international universities. It can come from a former employer or your college. Inform your employer or college about all extracurricular activities you have participated in. Ask your employer or teacher to include a description of things you did during the internship or project in that recommendation letter. Every piece of positive information about you will increase your chance of getting admission to your dream university.
  • Entrance tests are a great insight into what's coming:

Students are often excited about getting admission to their dream university, and in their excitement, they don't read course details properly. Entrance tests provide great insight into the curriculum to the students. Any intelligent student can forecast their academic journey in the next three to five years in that university by looking at the content of the test.
  • Do internships and extracurricular activities.

To add bonus points to your profile, you can do internships and activities related to the subject you wish to study at the university. A previous experience in a similar field helps. It shows that you are serious about working in that sector, and have practical knowledge about it too. But make sure you gain a lot of practical experience while doing those internships. Practical knowledge about any subject always comes in handy in the future. It will help you perform well at the university because of your prior experience.
  • Apply for multiple universities:

 It is crucial to apply to multiple universities because of the competition to get seats at those universities. The number of students who get selected is low, and the number of students applying from all over the world is high. We don't suggest students apply to below-par universities but make sure you apply to most of the top universities which offer your desired course.  MDAE provides full support to the students who aim to do their higher studies abroad. Our students study at some of the top universities in the world, such as Columbia University, London School of Economics, University of Oxford, Boston University, The Ohio State University, Duke University, Georgia State University, and many more.  MDAE offers 1-year specialized Post Graduate Diplomas in Economics and Data Science & Finance. These two diploma programs act as a solid 16th year for our students' education, creating a strong base to enter the job market and pursue higher education in top universities. We also provide 100% placement assistance. Our students work at large corporations such as Deloitte, Reliance Industries, Fractal, Morningstar, Aditya Birla Group, J. P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Mu Sigma, IDFC Institute, Axis Bank, and many more.
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Written by- Omkar Shraddha Dharmapal Manjrekar
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