My experience at MDAE helped me pursue higher education in the US

Posted on: 2022-06-08 13:02:43

An MDAE student describes how her knowledge in economics and data science paved the way for a master’s degree at Duke University, US

An economics enthusiast, I graduated from Jai Hind College, Mumbai University, with B.A. Economics. After graduation, I wanted to further enhance my understanding and practical knowledge of the subject. So, I went on to pursue a PG Diploma in Economics at Meghnad Desai Academy of Economics (MDAE).


Once I finished my degree, I started working as a Behavioral Researcher at Morningstar India. While it helped me learn a lot about the nuances of experimental economics, I aspired to learn more about data science through a master’s degree.

How I planned to study in the US 

During my professional stint at Morningstar India, I realised how an in-depth understanding of the underlying data could enhance my data analysis skills. It motivated me to study data science.

From then onwards, I started reading and engaging more with data science as a subject. I spent hours gaining more knowledge about the field. I even started identifying professional opportunities in the space.

Simultaneously, I was preparing for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). However, I did not appear for it because most graduate schools repealed it due to the pandemic.

Since I was interested in pursuing higher education in a quantitative field, I continued applying at some well-renowned educational institutions. I narrowed my field of study to data science.

I have observed that universities prefer applications that showcase intent and real purpose. My educational background played a huge role in this. I believe that my experience in economics, finance and data science during MDAE helped me secure a place in the Masters of Interdisciplinary Data Science at Duke University, Durham, US.

MDAE played a crucial role in my journey 

While pursuing my PG Diploma in Economics, I learned a lot about data science and even gathered some experience in programming and analytics. The teaching mechanisms also improved my critical thinking skills.

At the institute, some of the best industry experts taught us to think beyond theory and apply our research to the real world. This has been instrumental in excelling in different analytical strategies. It also helped me work efficiently and effectively at Morningstar India.

During my time at MDAE, I was a research assistant to Dr Shagata Mukherjee. It was an enriching experience where I learnt some of the most valuable lessons, like the best research practices, especially in social science. Since then, I have been applying this knowledge in my career.

Future plans 

Currently, I am interested in behavioural science. I also carry out academic research on problems in public policy. With a deeper understanding of finance and economics, I intend to bring positive changes in our society. Looking ahead, I intend to take a step ahead by pursuing a career in the intersection of behavioural science and technology.
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